Tip-Out Drawers: A Trendy New Storage Solution For Your Bathroom Vanity

In the past few years, bathroom design has shifted heavily to emphasize functionality over opulence. Now the most coveted items aren’t fine stone and intricate woodwork, but furniture and fixtures that are the most useful on a day-to-day basis. This has been a big change for bathroom vanities. No matter what they look like on […]

Nothing But Drawers: Modern Bathroom Vanities That Revolutionize Your Storage (For Any Size Bathroom)

Modern design is all about simplicity and streamlined efficiency, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Many “storage smart” and “space saving” designs have a modern feel to them, in large part because they emphasize utility and convenience in a way that more ornate, traditional designs don’t. But while storage-packed modern bathroom vanities have become […]

Six Clever Ways To Sneak A Little Extra Storage Into Small Bathroom Vanities

No one likes a small bathroom, but plenty of us are stuck with one; a highly-trafficked powder room, a shared second bath, or even a master bath that just isn’t quite up to snuff. But these days it’s easier than ever to whip a small space into shape. More and more, small bathroom vanities are […]

Get Organized With Storage Smart Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bathroom

Some of the most innovative designs are born of necessity – which means some of the most creative, storage smart bathroom vanities are made for really small bathrooms. But just because you have more space to work with doesn’t mean you should waste it by installing an inefficient, outdated vanity. Better storage options are finding […]

Storage Smart Antique Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bathroom

When you think of storage smart bathroom vanities, the first thing that comes to mind is probably something at least a little modern. But you might be surprised to know that there are antique vanities out there that are just as efficient. The larger you get, of course, the more storage space you’ll have, but […]

Bathroom Vanities With Offset Sinks: A Simple Way To Avoid A Big Renovation

Nothing about remodeling a bathroom is easy, but anything involving rerouting plumbing is an especially big headache. Even slightly repositioning your pipes can be expensive and invasive – a hassle that’s worth avoiding if you can help it. This can present a significant problem if you want to rearrange the major fixtures in your bathroom. […]

Five Bathroom Vanity Brands That Cater To Small Bathrooms

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about what to look for to get the most out of a small bathroom vanity, from storage options to different sizes and configurations and even different installations. But it occurs to me that knowing what to look for is only half the battle; it also helps to know […]

Storage Smart Antique Bathroom Vanities For A Large Bathroom

Antique bathroom vanities aren’t particularly known for their storage capacity. In a very small bathroom, a modern style almost always wins, as the straight lines and simple aesthetic make it easier to cram more storage into a compact space without disrupting the design. But more traditional bathroom vanities really shine in larger spaces, with an […]

Dresser Style Bathroom Vanities – A Storage Smart Option For A Traditional Bathroom

In a recent post, I mentioned that it’s a little more difficult to find antique style bathroom vanities that have good, usable storage options. Drawers tend not to mesh well with a conventional small cabinet, and many designers overlook even including shelves inside. But today I’d like to take a look at one of the […]

Bathroom Vanities With Drawers – The Most Important Storage Feature

To me, the most important feature of a bathroom vanity has always been storage. Maybe because I was raised on small bathrooms, I strongly believe that function has to come first. Many, many bathroom vanities handle storage poorly, with a single oversized cabinet that isn’t much help to anyone. I make it a point to […]