Ornate Pedestal Vanities For A Stylish Guest Bathroom

A lot of the time, when I’m talking about bathroom design, style has to take something of a back seat to functionality. After all, bathrooms get used probably more than any other area of the home, day in and day out, and so making them comfortable and usable really ought to be the primary concern. […]

White Bathroom Vanities That Work For Any Style Bathroom

White is one of the most popular colors for both pre-made and custom bathroom vanities, and for good reason. Not only is white a bright, clean, classic color that can help make your bathroom feel wider and more open, but it’s one that works well with a variety of different bathroom styles, from vintage cottage […]

Storage Smart Antique Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bathroom

When you think of storage smart bathroom vanities, the first thing that comes to mind is probably something at least a little modern. But you might be surprised to know that there are antique vanities out there that are just as efficient. The larger you get, of course, the more storage space you’ll have, but […]

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities From Legion Furniture – NEW Collections

For a long time now, the quality of the average piece of furniture has been steadily declining. As newer, less expensive materials have become readily available and more widely accepted, solid wood furniture has sort of fallen by the wayside. But in the past year or so, natural wood has started to come back in […]

Ornate Traditional Bathroom Vanities – Unique Ways To Get An Opulent Look

Traditional bathroom vanities are a dime a dozen; even across different brands, they tend to be fairly similar in design, with floral or scalloped shell woodworking and maybe some decorative feet and antique hardware, with very little flair or innovation. To get a really elaborate, ornate look, you need to go a step further and […]

Mirrored Bathroom Vanities – A Chic Twist On The Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, but the vast majority are made of wood, or at least made to look like wood. Other materials – either used for the body of the vanity or as accents – are almost unheard of, and tend to have a very assertive, distinctive, and usually modern […]

Simplified Antique Bathroom Vanities For A Contemporary Bathroom

Often when people talk about transitional bathroom vanities, what they really mean is traditional vanities pared down into simple, straight, often extremely square modern lines. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this look – in fact, I think it works great for a casual, contemporary bathroom. But it isn’t really the hybrid of antique and […]

Top Five Best Bathroom Vanity Brands You Might Not Have Heard Of

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom vanity, either as part of a remodel or for new construction, there are probably a few big-name vanity brands that you’ve heard of, but beyond that, you might not know much about choosing a vanity, or even what makes one better than another. In truth, it […]

Streamlining Storage Options For Large Antique Bathroom Vanities

I’ve been talking a bit lately about trying to squeeze as much storage space as possible out of antique bathroom vanities. Generally speaking, traditional vanities aren’t quite as efficient as more contemporary styles, so it can take a little extra effort to put two similarly sized vanities on the same footing. But once you get […]

Storage Smart Antique Bathroom Vanities For A Large Bathroom

Antique bathroom vanities aren’t particularly known for their storage capacity. In a very small bathroom, a modern style almost always wins, as the straight lines and simple aesthetic make it easier to cram more storage into a compact space without disrupting the design. But more traditional bathroom vanities really shine in larger spaces, with an […]