The Big Secret To Better Small Bathroom Storage: Offset Sinks

There are a million tips and tricks out there for sneaking more storage into a small bathroom. In recent years, many of them have gone mainstream – including a lot of once-niche bathroom vanity features. Better storage space – and making the most of smaller spaces – is on everyone’s mind right now; from designers […]

Small Bathroom Solutions: Offsetting The Sink

One of the most frustrating parts of using a small bathroom is the lack of surface space. Sure, you can hang up shelves or store your stuff in drawers or cabinets. But the truth is, most of us don’t want to totally tidy up the bathroom every time we use it. Unfortunately, in a small […]

Bathroom Vanities With Offset Sinks: A Simple Way To Avoid A Big Renovation

Nothing about remodeling a bathroom is easy, but anything involving rerouting plumbing is an especially big headache. Even slightly repositioning your pipes can be expensive and invasive – a hassle that’s worth avoiding if you can help it. This can present a significant problem if you want to rearrange the major fixtures in your bathroom. […]