Bathroom Vanity Sets – A Smarter Way To Build Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodels can be a big headache from start to finish.  Ripping out tile, redoing plumbing, and totally re-envisioning your space is stressful, messy, time consuming, and almost always expensive. But fortunately there are lots of ways to make the job simpler and more straightforward. One of the best ways to simplify your bathroom remodel […]

Bathroom Vanity Collections – Manufacturers That Offer The Flexibility You Need

Choosing a new bathroom vanity should be simple – you find something that looks good and fits your space, buy it, and install it. But often the reality is far more complicated. Finding multiple matching bathroom vanities in different sizes, or even just getting your hands on a vanity with a matching storage cabinet or […]

Complete, Flexible Bathroom Vanity Collections From Empire – Customize Your Bathroom On A Budget

Building a dream bathroom isn’t easy. Even if money weren’t an issue (which, of course, it is), it’s difficult to find fixtures that you like, that work in your space, and that everyone will agree on. This is especially true of bathroom vanities (which, if we’re being honest, come in a whole lot more varieties […]

Buying A New Bathroom Vanity Combo? Don’t Forget About The Faucet!

Bathroom remodels are full of devilish details – things that are important, but all too easy to overlook until it’s too late. It’s easy to get caught up in the big things – like designing your custom shower or choosing a new whirlpool – and hold off on smaller decisions, like which bathroom faucet you […]

Bathroom In A Box – Cole+Co’s Designer Bathroom Vanity Combos

Not everyone is a designer, and no matter how many hours you spend plastered to your favorite home remodel show, making great bathroom design choices and pairings might never come naturally. Getting the perfect look for your bathroom vanity takes hard work, time, searching, and a little bit of a natural eye. So if you […]