Buying A Bathroom Vanity Online: A Guide To Knowing What You’re Getting

These days, it’s easier than ever to find a bathroom vanity you love. Online shopping puts thousands of designs of all sizes, shapes, and styles at your fingertips, and makes it incredibly simple to find and buy the perfect vanity for your bathroom. The one big drawback is that sometimes it can be tough to […]

MTD: Simplifying The Way You Buy Bathroom Vanities

Buying a new bathroom vanity can be a complicated process. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the style you want, and the level of customization you’re looking for, getting the right look can mean shopping a lot of different vendors, a lot of coordination, and a decent amount of construction and assembly. But while […]

Unfinished Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities From James Martin Furniture

Bathroom vanities come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, but some features are much more difficult to find than others. Solid wood bathroom vanities, for example, have become increasingly rare as use of particleboard and MDF has become more common. Unfinished bathroom vanities are all but unheard of, and are only really available from select […]

Why It’s Worth Buying A Matching Bathroom Vanity And Linen Cabinet

Unless your bathroom is really, really small, it probably contains at least one bathroom vanity with a full sized cabinet and maybe a drawer or two for storage. But in a heavily trafficked bathroom that’s shared by several family members, a bathroom vanity alone might not cut it. That’s why many manufacturers will sell a […]

Bathroom Makeup Vanity: Building A Makeup Station From Modular Parts

Makeup stations are often the domain of custom bathroom cabinetry and antique furniture. Even though makeup areas generally consist of little more than a simple countertop extension, it can be quite difficult to find pre-made vanities that come standard with this feature. That said, if you want to avoid the expense and hassle of having […]

A Quick Guide To Furnishing A Master Bathroom

Finding the perfect bathroom vanity is never easy, but in a master bathroom it can be particularly difficult. Because master bathrooms are shared spaces, privacy and storage are much more important concerns than in secondary bathrooms. Plus, since you’re more likely to use them simultaneously, layout and logistics matter a lot more, too. The right […]

Bathroom Vanity Brands To Consider When Remodeling Multiple Bathrooms

If you’re planning on furnishing multiple bathrooms at once – either in a home you’re about to move into, a home you’re building, or a home that’s just in need of a big overhaul – a great way to save time and money is to buy multiple vanities from the same collection. This not only […]

Antique Bathroom Vanity Sets – Old World Style With A Modern Convenience

Building an antique inspired bathroom isn’t easy. After all, you certainly don’t want to expose real antiques to the harsh, humid, and ever changing environment of the bathroom, and replicas designed specifically for the bathroom aren’t always easy to come by. Traditional bathroom vanities easier to find, but truly ornate antique styles – with elaborate […]

Traditional Bathroom Vanity Sets – An Easy Way To Get A Sophisticated Style

Despite the recent surge in popularity of modern design, traditional style bathrooms are still easily the most popular. From rich wood finishes to beautiful hand carved detailing, there’s something about traditional design that people find familiar, luxurious, and beautiful. But actually building a traditional bathroom can be challenging, from choosing a stone vanity top to […]

Modern Bathroom Vanity Sets – A Convenient Way To Get A Modern Style

Modern design is becoming more and more popular, especially in bathroom design. Sleek, simple lines create an open, inviting space perfectly suited for a contemporary lifestyle, while the dark wood tones and industrial grays make for a clean, sophisticated vibe. And building a modern bathroom is easier than ever. These days, many manufacturers sell not […]