Blue Bathroom Vanities: A 2020 Trend That’s Here To Stay

As white cabinetry has started to fall from favor, designers and homeowners alike have been frantically trying to figure out the best new alternative. So far, there hasn’t been one clear answer: gray bathroom vanities have seen a big bump in popularity, and wood vanities are really gaining traction. Even black vanities have been getting their moment. But one of the strongest contenders is one I can honestly say I didn’t see coming: blue bathroom vanities.

Classic Blue: Not Just For 2020?

When Pantone announced their color of the year for 2020, it seemed like a really safe choice – especially compared to some of their past picks. After all, classic blue is exactly that: a classic. It’s a color (and color family) you’re likely to see in a kitchen or bathroom anyway, that has a bright, cheerful feel, but isn’t so bold as to be overwhelming or obtrusive. It pairs naturally with a cottage or seaside style, but also can provide a touch of traditional elegance or modern boldness – depending on how it’s used.

Timeless is Trending

The result? While many of Pantone’s color of the year picks can be a bit of a flash in the pan, it really looks like Classic Blue is going to stick around. And it’s not just that blue bathroom vanities been particularly well accepted as an alternative to white bathroom vanities. As we approach what should be the expiration date for the color, more and more manufacturers are adding blue bathroom vanities to their late 2020 and early 2021 catalogs – something I certainly can’t say for any other Pantone pick – and I’ve been at this a while.

A True Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

Of course, there’s no guarantee that blue will be the new white long-term. Even the hottest trends are apt to fizzle out sooner or later (like gray and white vanities, respectively). But a blue vanity is a pretty safe choice for your bathroom for the same reason it was a safe choice for Pantone. Even if it’s not the go-to color a year or two from now, it’s one that’s both timeless and homey; it’s a color that works well as a thematic accent in a bathroom. Even if you don’t want to go all nautical with your decor, shades of blue are always a simple, easy option for lending a calming air to your space.

Blue Bathroom Vanities Are New (And That’s Good For You!)

Shopping for rich, bold blue bathroom vanities is doubly smart right now for a reason that has nothing to do with color trends. While the look isn’t completely new, many many of the blue vanities on the market now were ones designed in tandem with this growing trend – aka, recently. That means if you’re looking for the newest, most innovative features for your vanity, you’re more likely than average to find them on one that comes in blue. From built-in outlets to smarter storage design, you’re more likely to find perks you’d otherwise overlook on a vanity that catches your eye for being blue.

Fresh New Vanities Mean Fresh New Style Trends

Similarly, looking for that bright blue is another good way to find vanities with other trendy, fresh-from-the-designer accents and detail work. Though it certainly does make them more of-the-moment, many newly released blue bathroom vanities are coming paired with bright brass hardware and integrated porcelain sinks – two other big hitters this year, and ones that pair beautifully with blue. This isn’t true across the board, of course (and you can certainly find ones without, if you want a look that’s a little less likely to date itself quickly). But brass hardware and simple-to-clean, single-piece sinks are a solid pair for the cottage-inspired looks that are common among blue vanities, and are great for making your bathroom feel warm, cheerful, and homey.

Beware: Blue Bathroom Vanities Want Good Lighting!

All that said, I’ll leave you with one word of caution. If you’re looking to make the switch to a blue bathroom vanity, keep in mind that blue paint can vary quite a bit in appearance depending on your lighting. While to some extent this is true of white bathroom vanities (which can look washed out and gray or dingy and yellowed depending on your lighting), the effect can be a little more dramatic in blue. In a shadowy bathroom, a blue vanity will look much darker (closer to navy) than it would in direct sunlight, which tends to bring out the brightness of a bold blue. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but does mean you should think of photos of blue vanities as a little like paint chips, and expect them to be a slightly different shade in your home.

I can’t say for sure that blue bathroom vanities are here to stay, but if you’re looking for something other than a go-to neutral, classic blue is both trendy and timeless, and a great way to bring a little pop of color to any style bathroom.