Introducing James Martin’s Trendy New 2020 Bathroom Vanity Collection

Time has been a little wonky in 2020. So it hardly seemed strange that – instead of releasing their new catalog in spring as usual – James Martin Furniture announced their latest updates as a summer collection…in the beginning of fall. Strangeness of timing aside, their new and updated vanity collections are well worth the wait. From entirely new vanity styles to a few updates, improvements, and expansions to existing favorites, James Martin’s latest release has a little something for everyone.

I’ve always thought of James Martin Furniture as something of a go-to and tastemaker among designers. Between regular updates to their offerings and a keen eye for trends, they’re one company that’s particularly good at giving people exactly what they want. Their new Addison collection is the ultimate embodiment of this for 2020: simple shaker cabinets done in a rich wood finish, with fully-modular pieces available in a huge range of sizes. The final look is perfectly on trend – warm and earthy with a little touch of midcentury inspiration – and totally customizable for your space, with multiple cabinet sizes – plus add-on make up tables, storage, mirrors, and more.

The new Addison collection might seem like it has this year’s transitional look on lockdown, but the Boston collection certainly gives it a run for its money. Really, the Boston vanities are more like console sinks, with a simple metal framework supporting a white porcelain sink. But the choice of metal finish really make this look a star, with matte black and radiant gold in addition to the classic brushed nickel that let you fine tune this simple look to fit with a lot of different styles. Unlike many console sinks, the Boston vanities also have an optional add-on cabinet which make this small bathroom staple a whole lot more functional. And with single and double sink versions ranging from 20″ to 63″, finding the right look for your bathroom should be a snap.

Likewise, James Martin’s new Linden collection feels like a petite successor to last year’s larger Lineage double vanities. Also available only in a 24″ width and in four colors (though different ones from the Brittania!), the Linden vanities are definitely aimed at bringing an extra touch of style to a small bathroom. Like many of James Martin’s newer collections, the Linden vanities have a strong mid-century inspiration, with a simple yet distinctive design that feels particularly unique in its small size bracket. Also like the Brittania vanity, the Linden vanity comes with a built-in sink and storage shelf, but it also has detachable legs and can optionally be installed as a wall mounted vanity as well.

If these 24″ vanities didn’t convince you that James Martin is looking out for people with smaller bathrooms in 2020, their new Chianti collection will. Topping out at 24″, the smallest vanities clock in at an almost-unmatched 16″, with a 20″ model in between. If you’ve been considering adding a small half bath but not sure how to make it functional for daily use, the Chianti vanities are a really solid solution. Available in freestanding or wall mounted versions (you can add a metal base in the same style and color as the Boston vanity), the Chianti vanities have about as small a footprint as you can get in a vanity cabinet, with either a standard small porcelain sink or an extra petite one with an offset faucet, and – of course – a built in shelf. The real good news though? The vanities are super customizable, with mix and match finishes, door panels, legs, and hardware, so you can get a really personalized, stylish vanity even in the smallest space.

In a similar vein, James Martin has massively expanded their Columbia collection. In addition to their already impressive array of single and double vanities, they’ve added a whole lot more options in the under 36″ range, scaling – again – all the way down to an ultra-petite 16″. With such a wide spread of available sizes, the look of each of the Columbia vanities varies quite a bit. But as with the existing collection, the wood finishes are the star of the show, with a backup white that’s accentuated by the variety of eye-catching hardware options. Like the Chianti vanities, the Columbia collection is available in both wall mounted and freestanding versions, with an optional metal base. In this case, though, the cabinet itself is much smaller, leaving room for open-shelf style storage beneath – much like the existing larger options in this collection.

James Martin’s De Soto collection isn’t new, and hasn’t changed too much since its release. But in light of James Martin’s (in my opinion) tragic purge of many of their modular and make-up-table-ready vanities in recent months, it’s worth mentioning that they’ve actually added more options to this vanity line. Instead of only offering a simple shelf-style connector piece for joining matching vanities as before, the De Soto collection now also includes full make up counters, a one or two piece add-on hutch, as well as a set of add-on drawers.

Similarly, while the Lakeside vanity itself remains unchanged since its release last year, it’s also gotten an accessory upgrade in 2020. In this case, the additions include a wood-framed mirror and an etagere-style ladderback storage cabinet. The design shares the same wood finish as the Lakeside vanity, with the same subtle midcentury aesthetic. It’s technically designed to stand alongside the vanity, but is plenty stylish to be used on its own, too.

Though it was a little later coming than usual, James Martin’s new summer collection is full of big changes, bold styles, and a lot of trendy new vanities. For anyone shopping for a smaller bathroom, these new collections are practically tailor-made for you, with such a wide range of looks, sizes, finishes, and price points that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space.