Find Comfort in a Home Office Chair: The One Upgrade You Really Need

With many office workers stuck at home because of COVID closures, the home office has gone from a luxury to an essential. Many who might have been content to open their laptop at the dining table last year are now looking for upgrades to make their home office more comfortable and usable. While the question of what to use as an office desk is the focus of many people’s projects right now, choosing the right office chair is just as important in making a better workspace. Whatever your office space looks like, having a good, comfortable chair is important for both your work and your body.

Prioritize Comfort

Attainment Office Chair In Brown, EEI-210-BRN by Modway Furniture

The padding on a chair is helpful for staying comfortable during your work day. You will know if you have too little, as you won’t be able to stay sitting for very long. Thankfully, office chairs are designed with comfort in mind. It’s unlikely you will get an uncomfortable sitting experience unless you use a dining chair or some other alternative. If you’re unsure of what to buy online without trying the padding out, take a closer look at the description. Many chairs will come with a notation that indicates how many consecutive hours they’re designed to be used. This is generally a good indicator of their comfort level. Still not sure? Check out an office supply store and test drive a few chairs to get an idea of what features you like.

Check For Arm and Back Support

Articulate Mesh Office Chair In Black, EEI-757-BLK by Modway Furniture

The shape of the overall chair is also important for comfort. Obviously for longer term sitting you need a sturdy back to keep you from leaning back too far or slouching. Worse than a weak back is none at all; bar stools are easy to store, but make poor office chairs. While not as critical structurally, a chair’s arms can provide a place to rest your elbows when you need a break. They can also feel confining, so if that’s a worry you have you can also find a chair that is armless or has detachable arms.

Match Your Budget To How Long You Want Your Office Chair To Last

Ardor Office Chair In Black, EEI-1250-BLK by Modway Furniture

The longevity of an office chair is another important factor. If you only plan on using a home office for a short period of time, then you don’t need to worry about the chair wearing out when choosing between options. But if you’re going to be using a home office for several months to years, you need to be pickier and find a chair that can handle prolonged use. Recommended maximum sitting times can be helpful here as well. Chairs that are designed for many hours of continuous use are almost always going to be more durable than ones meant to be used only for an hour or two at a time.

A Good Office Chair Increases Productivity

Sopada Conference Office Chair Mid Back, Black, FMI10077-black by Fine Mod Imports

While there are the obvious benefits to being comfortable when sitting at your home office desk, there are less obvious ones too. A comfier chair can also help with productivity, at least to a minor extent. Why? Well, if your office chair is the right size and shape, you’re more likely to stay in it longer. If you can sit comfortably at your desk for longer, you’ll be better able to focus on the work at hand.

Style vs. Substance

Comfy Office Chair Mid Back, Light Brown, FMI10224-light brown by Fine Mod Imports

You should also think of your home office area overall and your chair’s place in it. The biggest, most comfy chair would be great to sit in but might not fit in the allotted space you have. A very compact chair could even fit in a cloffice, but might not have enough padding for a long work day. What you need is up to your home office and your preferences, and that can be more important than having the most stylish or expensive chair out there.

Feeling comfortable at all times in your home is important, even when you’re on the clock. While it may be a difficult adjustment if you’re used to the cubicle experience, making sure your home office is the best it can be can help anyone looking to make working from home work.