Contemporary Classic Dining Sets: Updated Antiques For A Modern Home

If there’s one big trend in home design today, it seems to be a push back against modern design. This is somewhat surprising, because modern design has been gaining steadily in popularity for years. According to some, it’s even overtaken traditional design in the bathroom and the kitchen. But increasingly, homeowners are looking for a […]

Weathered Bathroom Vanities For A Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

I have a good friend who’s just that exact perfect combination of crafty and thrifty that makes her an incredible decorator. In fact, she just moved cross country and made a hefty profit selling off her furniture, most of which she’d gotten for cheap or free and refinished, repainted, or re-envisioned with her own two […]

Weathered Black Bathroom Vanities – Getting A Grunge-Free Aged Finish

I’m a big fan of shabby chic decor – I like the look of weathered furniture, roughed up antiques, and flea market finds – especially in bathroom design. But if I’m being totally honest, a weathered white finish is a big toss up, with a very fine line between an aged finish that looks stylish […]