Hand Painted Bathroom Vanities Add Whimsy And Charm To Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanities are the centerpiece of most bathrooms. Unless you have a particularly stunning freestanding bathtub or an elaborately tiled custom shower stall, there’s a good chance that your vanity is the most unique fixture in your bathroom. In a smaller or average sized bathroom, then, the best way to add style and customization to […]

Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style Bathroom

If you’re looking to do a big, full-scale remodel of your master bathroom, I’m willing to bet there’s one thing above all else that you want that space to be: relaxing. A big, decadent bathroom is all about comfort and style – creating your own private little paradise where you can escape from the daily […]

Asian Influenced Styles That Make For A Warmer, More Inviting Modern Bathroom

Modern styled bathrooms can be chronically chilly. For all their sleek, minimal chic and elegance, the bare-bones style and often industrial palette can end up feeling cold and inhospitable.  But pairing the simple lines and geometric designs of modern decor with a subtle Asian influence can dramatically change the vibe for a much warmer, more […]