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Tufted Headboards For Modern, Classic, and Fantastic Bedrooms

Have you ever gone to decorate your bedroom and realized something felt missing despite having all the dressers, beds, and other furniture you need to make the room complete? As the title suggests, perhaps what you really need to tie your bedroom together is a headboard; but don’t go picking just any piece of wood that you can attach to your bed! It is easy to overlook a headboard’s appearance when picking one out, or foregoing it entirely, but a truly great bedroom can’t settle for the easy way out. Tufted headboards in particular show us that not only can headboards be functional (soft, easy to rest your back on) but stylish as well (buttons, a nice crisscross pattern to accent your bed’s shape).

Silver Cloud Tufted Bedset, 52030-3-857-2 by Jennifer Taylor

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Tufted headboards are a great way to decorate a bedroom without taking up more space in case you’re working with a small bedroom, like a wall accent but more functional. Personally, I prefer one with a fabric wrapped around than plain wood. I can prop myself up in bed against it and have my back supported while I read in bed or check my emails. It keeps me in good posture while avoiding the stiffness of laying myself against a wall, and is firmer than a pillow behind me to keep from slouching down unconsciously.

A tufted headboard can be truly elegant when matched with similar colors and furniture. (By J. Scott Interiors)

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For someone used to a more common simple wooden frame around their bed, tufted headboards look a little “extra” for a bedroom; take advantage of that! You can do so much better than a plain wall. Buttons add character and give your space a unique feel that a regular headboard can’t provide. How you pair this detail with the rest of your bedroom can really make the look, whether the tufted headboard is the centerpiece or part of a collection of tufted furniture.

A modern bedroom can have a tufted headboard as a centerpiece accessory rather than have everything in the room also be tufted. (By Gaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc.)

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But if you don’t want to go too out of your comfort zone in the bedroom, there are a lot of neutral colors available to subdue the crisscross and diamond patterns a lot of tufted headboards have to match with your dressers and chairs. A solid beige, black, or gray can do wonders in subtlety, poise, and fashion trend endurance across time. This can be attested to by the fact that tufted furniture has seen a resurgence in the past few years, especially in the bedroom environment.

Headboard with Tufting, 305-AO by Polart

Tufted headboards aren’t a headboard style isolated to a particular bedroom theme though, don’t get the wrong idea. The examples so far are of a more modern and classic flavor, but tufted headboards can also be fantastical in style as well. These kind of headboards are good for children or those with whimsical sensibilities. For instance, if you have a daughter who wants a princess-themed bedroom, a pink tufted headboard with curved edges will be perfect for her as it both captures that theme and gives her space to add stuffed animals on top while leaving plenty of floor space for play.

Black Armchair, 770-C by Polart

If you find yourself really enjoying the tufted style, you don’t have to stop at the headboard. If there is some extra space in your bedroom, it’s easy to find matching, complementing, or contrasting tufted furniture that fits your theme like an armchair or bench. This definitely adds a delicate angle to the room while also being functional like the tufted headboard, in that it opens up more sitting or storage space that isn’t just floor. A neutral color rug or canopy as seen above can also frame your headboard to create a specific mood for ideal sleeping or relaxing in a soft, but firm embrace that only a tufted surface can provide.

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