Office Space: Trendy and Decorative Desks for a Home Office

Throughout high school and college I did a fair bit of studying, but none of it happened at a desk. It took place on the couch, kitchen table, and an ancient armchair that is now stained from several coffee-related mishaps. I consider it a sacrifice to the gods of academia. I only very recently discovered the wonders of having a desk–as in, a space dedicated entirely to working. It’s amazing how much easier it is to focus when your brain knows “this is where we concentrate”. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to a home office. With all of the different sorts of desks out there, you can fit one into any lifestyle.

Majesty Desk-Box, TOV-G5491 by TOV Furniture
Majesty Desk-Box, TOV-G5491 by TOV Furniture

Desks are as versatile as the people who use them. Back in the nineties my mom did all the household accounting on a giant oaken roll-top desk stuffed with files and papers and junk mail. Nowadays a desk is often just a flat surface to put a laptop on. Also, a stable place for coffee cups so as to avoid disasters. That’s why it’s easier than ever to find a desk that suits your decor. This one would look great in a bedroom, and its small dimensions means it won’t take up too much floor space at all.

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Desks don't just belong in formal office settings. (By UrbanWood Goods)
Desks don’t just belong in formal office settings. (By UrbanWood Goods)

There are countless styles of desks, made of all sorts of materials. I like this weathered wooden look a lot, along with the exposed drawers. I am speaking entirely from anecdotal evidence here. But being surrounded by the natural world helps me feel much more inspired than being in a cubicle. I also like the double-desk idea here, perfect for people collaborating on a project, or just to work in companionable quiet.

On the other hand, not everyone has a zest for the vintage and slightly battered. A sleek, modern desk can also be a really cool look, fitting in well with a more contemporary decor. Think simple, clean designs that use basic shapes and materials well. A desk like this is no-frills, perfect for the worker who doesn’t want distractions. And glass-topped furniture in general is great for small rooms, since it creates the illusion of more space.

Standing desks are steadily growing in popularity. (By Emily Winters)
Standing desks are steadily growing in popularity. (By Emily Winters)

Finally, let me mention a desk idea that may seem a little counterintuitive: the standing desk. There has been a lot of talk recently about how awful sitting down all day is for you. Since so many modern jobs require people to do just that, having a space where you can work while staying on your feet is really valuable to both your health and your sanity. My dad stacks his laptop onto a box and a pile of books in order to stand while he works, but you can circumvent this rather precarious set-up by simply buying a taller desk. Also, maybe invest in a taller chair or stool to go with it, just in case you want to take a rest or really get down to business.

With the workforce moving toward more people than ever working at least partially from home, it’s incredibly helpful to have a space that you can dedicate to organization and focus. Speaking from personal experience–all furniture-blogger bias aside–it’s definitely made a difference in the quality of my work experience.