Tiny Bathroom Vanities Take Two:More Solutions For Your Small Bathroom

I’ve written about very small bathroom vanities before, but I feel like it’s a topic worth revisiting. For most vanities, “small” means either 36″ or 30″ wide, but anyone with a genuinely small bathroom knows that isn’t really all that small. Personally? I have a very, very small bathroom myself, and I know that every inch counts. ┬áSo, in the spirit of helping you find the very best for your small bathroom, I present seven vanities 24″ or smaller (though in a few cases I might be using the word “vanity” a little liberally).

Simple Set Pieces

24″ wide bathroom vanities are the next most common thing to 36″ and 30″ ones, but are mainly available as part of larger bathroom vanity collections. Essentially, that means that bathroom vanities in this size range are mostly scaled-down models of standard-sized designs. Even so, these are at the upper end of the “very small” category and typically offer relatively roomy interior cabinets. Some even have hidden shelves and drawers. If you want to get a traditional or antique style for a very small bathroom, this is the best way to do it.

The MacGyver

When you’re looking at bathroom vanities in the 18″-24″ range, you should be thinking about features as much as size and style. Sure, you want your vanity to look great, but the more utility you can cram in that small space, the better. Bathroom vanities with towel bars are an excellent place to start, but be sure to check for other features, like hidden pull-out shelves, interior drawers, or even adjustable (or removable) feet.

The Workhorse

…Aka old faithful, these are utilitarian bathroom vanities that put smart storage at the top of the priority list. With a vessel sink that allows for more storage space in the petite cabinet, and two full-sized drawers below, this puppy crams just about as much storage into a lean, mean 24″ as you can. Better still, many of these types of vanities come paired with a storage mirror that gives you even more accessible storage space without noticeably obscuring the view of your reflection while you’re brushing your teeth.

The Wall Mount

Regular readers won’t have any trouble pegging this as my personal favorite type of small bathroom vanity. I could go on for ages about why, but I’ll settle for saying: wall mounted bathroom vanities are small – often dramatically smaller than almost any other type of vanity. But they do it while still offering a little storage, either in the form of a shelf, a cabinet, or (my personal fave) a small U-shaped drawer. They might not offer the same quantity of storage as a larger cabinet, but it’s frequently a better quality storage, with everything you need at waist height and easily visible.

Bathroom Vanities To Go?

For very, very small spaces, look for vanities like the one above that are both narrow and shallow. This supremely compact vanity, scaled down even from most wall mounts, is inspired by ones you’d find on a boat or in an RV, designed for maximum utility in the minimum amount of space. The small cabinet lets you keep your most oft-used items close at hand, while the offset faucet means the vanity protrudes less than 10 inches from the wall, hugely freeing up your floor space.

The Pedestal Sink

In my original top ten small bathroom vanities list, I stuck with vanities that were, strictly speaking, vanities. But ultimately I think it’s unwise to exclude other options. Pedestal sinks are especially popular in a small bathroom, as they take up very little space (the sink above is less than 18 inches wide) but also help create an open, airy feel in your bathroom. Pedestal sinks work better when paired with supplemental storage cabinets, since they don’t have any on their own. That said, they’re a great way to get compact utility and a little touch of style.

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Wall Mounted Sinks

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Wall mounted sinks are really what they sound like: sinks that are mounted to your wall. Now, I know that this, too, plays fast and loose with the strict definition of bathroom vanities, but if it really bugs you, just think of them as a pared down wall mounted bathroom vanity. These are pure utility, offering you a sink, faucet, and drain in as little space as possible, opening up the rest of your bathroom to add on alternative storage that’s often more efficient than a large, unorganized cabinet. Bonus points if you get one with a built in towel bar!

Just how small is your bathroom? What type of vanity is there now, and what type appeals to you the most?

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