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Imagine the possibilities of designing entire walls with this hand made work of art! Our quilled Large Coil Wall Panel 47.25" x 98.5" was developed as a work of very unique and interesting large Modern and Colorful Wall Art that can be hung or lean. The quilled Wall Panel also could be used to create entire wall panel systems by grouping multiple panels together. They can be hung and removed easily by using the wall hanging holes embedded in the back of the panel or can be permanently attached with glue or screws. This AFD Home EXCLUSIVE ART SOLUTION would create unique Focal Walls for Designers seeking something Fresh and New, yet hand made and fabulously interesting. The Art of quilling, an ancient art created hundreds of years ago during the Renaissance when nuns and monks would roll gold-gilded paper remnants creating beautiful works of art and religious objects in this meticulous and time consuming art form. Today, artists from a small village in a remote town west of Bali make their living executing this traditional art passed on from generation to generation and quill for AFD Home beautiful and collectable works of art for Today's appreciating Collectors and for a Modern Decor placement. The beautiful quilled Panels offered is just such an item, the item possesses true collective beauty, colorful, vibrant and unique and an authentic piece of Collector's Art. Enjoy!
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