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One of the newest additions to the Authentic Timberline Solid Natural Wood Collection. This functional work of Nature measures 59.00 x 21.00 x 36.00 Inches. Suar specimens of wood with live edges and with original bark are collected and maintained though production, creating a very natural Rustic Furniture. A good choice for a first impression entryway placement or in your special wilderness retreat!. Suar wood is used for this collection by Mountain Studio Designs, it is often referred to as Oriental Walnut for its contrast between the darker heart of the center wood and lighter outer bands is a plentiful species. Also referred to as Monkey trees these big creations of nature grow tall and have large canopies that the local inhabitants love to hang around under. Consider adding other matching items from this popular Timberline Solid Natural Wood Collection, Entertainment Stand, cocktail table or side tables are now being offered to help expand this natural collection for our purest customers looking for the best in natural decor! Hand Made and Imported from Indonesia!
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