Refreshing Your Bedroom for Spring (And Beyond)

As I’ve talked about in a previous post, spring cleaning can be a lot to attempt at once. Taking it room by room is better, but you may not know where to start every time. I find that for the bedroom, things you need to clean can even blend into the background as having “always […]

Simplify Your Spring Cleaning In 5 Easy Steps

In my part of the world, the snow is finally melting, the birds are migrating back, and the sun is visible for a reasonable amount of time. It’s spring! And for many of us, that means the daunting task of spring cleaning. While there are book-sized guides for getting your life organized now and forever, […]

5 Rules For Spring Cleaning (Even If You Don’t Like To Clean)

Spring cleaning has very little to do with normal everyday cleaning. After all, most of your house probably gets cleaned pretty routinely. Spring cleaning is for those things that don’t need to be cleaned as often (and are easy to overlook during routine cleaning), or little problems that sneakily build up over the course of […]