Asian Inspired Bathrooms For A Zen Like Spa Style

Spa style master bathrooms have become hugely popular in recent years and are a great way to make a master bathroom that little bit more indulgent and relaxing. But while many of these bathrooms have a distinctly Nordic influence, lately homeowners have been looking farther east for inspiration. The simple, zen-like vibe of Asian inspired […]

An Introduction To Mediterranean Style Bathrooms

I’ve spoken a bit on this blog about the growing popularity of spa style bathrooms. Often, these are inspired by high end hotels that have a posh, streamlined modern appearance. But the idea of a spa bath is much, much older, dating back most famously to the opulent public baths of Rome and Turkey. These […]

Components Of A Spa Style Bathroom For Your Master Suite

Many bathroom design trends are beginning to converge: bigger bathrooms, luxury master suites, an emphasis on simplicity and creature comfort. Taken together, they show a clear trend towards master bathrooms strongly influenced by spas and high end hotels. But even with the simple, open floor plan and emphasis on luxurious natural materials in mind, there […]