Tips for an Ideal Outdoor Patio Space

Summer is in the air! As temperatures rise, your thoughts may naturally turn to pools, beaches, and summer entertaining. Long evenings spent outside are much better if you have a good space in which to enjoy them. Whether you’ll be hosting summer parties or want a peaceful spot to yourself, a well-appointed patio is worth […]

Outdoor Ceiling Fans: A Simple Solution For Keeping Cool This Summer

Every summer I start out with the intent to spend more time outside: grilling, walking, reading, or just laying out in the sun. But unfortunately I happen to live in a climate where “fun in the sun” means high heat and high humidity – in other words, not that much fun at all. All too […]

Sun Rooms: Bringing Your Outdoor Spaces Inside In A Cooler Climate

I grew up in the Southwest, where rain, wind, snow, and cold were practically nonexistent, and where indoor and outdoor spaces merged pretty freely. Patios, porches, and decks were practically standard-issue living spaces, and even outdoor bathrooms and outdoor kitchens weren’t unheard of. So it wasn’t until I moved to the upper Midwest that I […]

What’s New in Outdoor Lighting

Lights on the house aren’t just for the holidays. Patio lighting creates a warm ambient space for friends to gather and watch fireflies. Front stoops provide gentle lighting for a new couple to gaze upon each other one last time before they part. Deprived of outdoor lighting, we would crash into our neighbors’ mailboxes after […]