Hide In Plain Sight: Stylish Accessories as Covert Storage Solutions

You know what’s big recently? Going small. Minimalism can be found in countless trends. In everything from cell phones, to computers, to cars, we’re going smaller, sleeker, and more efficiently powerful. Trends in interior design are no different. Contemporary styles are about form rather than ornamentation, and the beauty inherent in simplicity. This is great […]

Staircase Nooks: Creative Ways To Use The Space Beneath A Staircase

In every house, there’s wasted space somewhere – a spot that’s underutilized, overlooked or even walled in. These can be spaces you look at every day and never think about, but that have the potential to do wonders for your home. The blank space under a staircase is one that can be especially useful; it’s […]

Modern Dining Room Buffets For A Little Stylish Storage

As kitchen design tends more and more toward the modern, old fashioned china cabinets and buffets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Ornate carved mahogany and leaded glass cabinets are nothing if not beautiful, but they’re out of place in an increasingly minimal dining area. That said, while many people might not want […]