Traditional Kitchen Faucets For A French Country Kitchen

I’ve mentioned a couple times before that kitchen faucets (along with many other aspects of kitchen design) are starting to resemble industrial, restaurant style kitchens. Stainless steel, versatility, and utility are all the rage. But if you don’t like this sparse modern aesthetic, and you’d rather feel like a home cook than a high-octane chef, […]

French Country Bathroom Vanities – Styles To Fit Your Taste

French country bathroom design has become one of the most popular styles for a luxury bathroom remodel. But it can be a little difficult to pin down what exactly French country design is. After all, it’s based on hundreds of years of design and culture, an inherently eclectic aesthetic that can range anywhere from extremely […]

French Country Bathroom Design – Getting The Details Right

Last week I talked a little about the basics of French country bathroom design – all the elements that go into making a bathroom that’s historical, sophisticated, and comfortable. But for a design that’s so heavily based on tradition and cultural nuance, sometimes it’s the smallest details that lend the most authenticity, and do the […]

Elements Of A French Country Bathroom Design

For the French, their cultural heritage is something like a national treasure. Living in a building with a history is infinitely higher valued than owning a high priced McMansion, and even their interior design carries over and refers back to prior versions of itself. In that way, French design is both eclectic and decadent, emphasizing […]