Bringing the Past to Life with Glass-Top Petrified Wood Tables

It might seem like a rare, idle luxury to have real fossils decorating your home, but petrified wood is both a charming callback to simpler (okay, prehistoric) times and a fun, functional material for furniture. Petrified wood tables make great statement pieces for any living or dining room, and these days you don’t have to […]

Novelty Accent Tables To Add A Little Personality To Your Living Space

Everyone has something they love – like a favorite animal, beloved hobby, or cherished pastime. But there’s a stark divide between something you like a lot, and something you’d want to decorate a room with. Sure, nautical, animal, or sport-themed rooms are all pretty common (among others). But if you want to show off your […]

Console Tables: The Must-Have Accent Table For Your Entryway

Entryways are one of the oddest rooms in the home. They’re the first things guests see and set the tone for the house as a whole, but are often made of little leftover patches of space carved out or crammed in between the main rooms. That can make for some pretty unusual layouts, and a […]

Dressing Up A Living Room With Colorful Accent Tables

I’m a strong believer that the best way to decorate is to start with a base of simple, neutral colors and then accessorize to personalize. Major purchases – whether it’s a kitchen counter or a sofa – should be the canvas not the decoration, simply because these items are the most difficult to replace as […]