Get The Look: Level Up Your Decor By Adding An Accent Color

Decorating with neutral base elements makes it simple to add color to you decor with easy-to-swap accent pieces. But often examples of this are pretty in-your-face; they highlight a single color in a very intense way that might not be the look you’re going for. So today, I want to take a look at this […]

Get The Look: Decorating With A Fail-Proof Blue And Gray Color Palette

For a lot of people, all-gray color schemes have worn out their welcome. After all, too much gray (especially if it’s all one shade) can quickly feel muddy and bland; am all-gray color scheme lacks the contrast you need to make your space feel interesting. But if you’re looking to test out your design muscles […]

Using Color Accents Well: Mostly Sparingly, Occasionally Overwhelmingly

Let’s get really basic for a second here. Color is one of the first things most of us consider when picking out, well, anything. We might find the perfect pair of shoes or style of jeans, but if they are in an ugly or unpleasant color,¬†we pass them over. And even if they are a […]

Top Color Trends for 2016 – Popular Palettes For The New Year

It’s that time of year again, when taste-makers, trend-setters, designers, and analysts all start talking about color – new trends, new palettes, and one breakout color to lead the design world for the coming year. But 2016’s color of the year is more than a little surprising. In contrast to the vibrant gem tones of […]