Shuttered Bathroom Vanities For A Traditional Cape Cod Style Bathroom

Cape Cod style homes have among the most distinct exteriors of any type of design, ranking right up there with gingerbread Victorian houses. But unlike Victorian homes, Cape Cod style cottages aren’t iconic because they’re highly decorative. Quite the opposite – they’re so recognizable for their stark simplicity. Cape Cod homes were built to withstand […]

Cape Cod Style Bathroom Vanities: A Few Options To Make The Style Work

I recently talked a bit about Cape Cod bathroom design – a style that combines luxury and simplicity in a compact, cottage-sized footprint. But while many of the elements that go into a Cape Cod bathroom are fairly straightforward, I think it’s worth taking a longer look at one of the ways the design is […]

Elements Of A Cape Cod Bathroom Design For A Luxurious Small Bathroom

Cape Cod bathroom design has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And it’s no surprise; Cape Cod bathrooms are great for scaling a luxurious, elegant atmosphere to fit a smaller space. You see, Cape Cod style homes are often coastal vacation homes. Think small cottages and cabins on the beach poised to enjoy […]