Six Luxury Bathroom Upgrades That Are Good For Your Health

In American culture, the bathroom is a fairly utilitarian space: take a quick shower in the morning, brush your teeth, do your business, rinse, repeat. This is starting to chage somewhat with the growing popularity of luxury bathrooms, but even so-called spa bathrooms are mostly seen as a place to unwind and get a little […]

Planning A Big Bathroom Remodel? Don’t Forget The Toilet!

There are plenty of things to get excited about if you’re doing a big bathroom remodel, but I’m willing to bet that getting a new toilet isn’t at the top of your list. After all, most people don’t think of their toilets as pretty, assuming they think about their toilets at all. As a nation, […]

High Tech Toilet Seats – Inexpensive Ways To Get A Gadget-Packed Throne (Complete With Bidet!)

In most American homes, a toilet is a toilet is a toilet. The shape of the bowl, size of the tank, or color of the porcelain might vary a little, but more or less in this country we all sit on the same throne. But elsewhere in the world, people have tinkered and toyed with […]