Get the Look: Gold on the Ceiling (And the Rest of the Dining Room, Too)

All trends tend to circle around, and gold hardware and accents are back! They’ve become a popular way to warm the icy color palettes of the last decade. A few small replacements are all you need to totally transform the ambiance of a room. If you leaned hard into silver-grays as a way to get an elegant, sophisticated look, a straight swap to gold will give you the same formal, classic feel. But this time, with a warmer and more inviting finish. This dining room by F.D. Hodge Interiors is a great example of how a few simple gold elements can lend a glamorous air to your dining room – without making it feel antique or ornate.

The brightest gold in the room should be your showstopper; in this case, the table-sized chandelier (by F. D. Hodge Interiors)

Why It Works

Matching golds across furniture can be difficult. Even between brands, you can end up with very different colors, intensities, and finishes that won’t necessarily coordinate well. But whether you’re talking actual gold leaf or some brand of brass, a little effort in coordination goes a long way toward creating an end result that’s sophisticated without feeling gilded. Here, the antique crystal chandelier is the star of the show (and the boldest gold in the room). The highly ornate, antique style means that the other gold elements in the room can be simpler and more contemporary in style and still feel posh and elegant. The big key, though, and the reason the gold hardware doesn’t overwhelm, is that most of the remaining elements are warm-toned wood rather than metal. The color of the wood caries the warmth of the color palette, but the simpler style helps keep the room feeling grounded and welcoming. The armillary sphere is the second most ornate piece in the room, but it’s done in wood and antique brass rather than bright gold, which helps bridge the gap between over-the-top antique and homey heirloom.

Get the Look

Find a gold chandelier that’s a similar size to your dining table to create the balancing effect of a large presence in a small room. If you’re going to splurge anywhere, this will have the biggest impact. Then, supplement with gold framed prints and a large gold-framed mirror to reflect and emphasize your larger than life chandelier. Now stop there. The best way to ruin this look is to pile on too much gold. Instead, you want to get color mostly from wood or darker warm-toned metals like brass. Choose a dining table and chairs in slightly different wood tones. A mix of simple antiques and farmhouse-vintage will help humble the gold glamor. The actual look is up to you – just don’t go too ornate or too simple. Chairs with built-in or tie-on cushions will add a nice homey touch. Supplement with decorative but time-worn antiques, like tabletop statues or that armillary sphere for a look that’s elevated and elegant, but approachable. If you really dig those faux-Egyptian candle holders, we have those, too. However, you’ll have to provide the pet cat yourself!

Gold is a go-big-or-go-home finish. But for the best results, less really is more. If you’re looking to add warmth and elegance to a room, center your space around one eye-catching piece. Supplement with warm wood, warm metals, and the lightest touch of other gold shades. This will ensure the final result is sophisticated and inviting, but not overwhelming.

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