How Furniture Covers Still Fit in Your Modern Day Home

Furniture covers have an image problem. We are far from the days where all covers were plastic, uncomfortable, and oddly transparent. Covers and protectors can now be fashionable and comfortable as well as functional, but many people still don’t know that. Let’s take a deeper look at modern day furniture covers.

Not Your Grandma’s Couch Protector

Sofa Furniture Protector In Multi GL-1901BFPS, by Greenland Home Fashions

The furniture covers that get the most use are the ones that need to be the most comfortable. Couches and chairs are not only some of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home, but also one of the most high traffic – for you, your family, kids, and sometimes pets. So you don’t want a 70’s style plastic cover that will technically protect your couch, but make it one no one ever wants to sit on. Instead, look for fabric sofa and chair covers. Not only are these much more comfortable, they’re also nicer looking. Some are even double-sided, and all are easy to swap in and out, allowing you to choose what pattern or color you’d like on any given day.

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The Wide Variety of Covers Available

Rather than hide your dining table with a tablecloth, protect it with a table runner (by Molly Frey Design)

A lot of “covers” or “furniture protectors” already in your home you probably don’t address as such. Tablecloths, runners, place mats, area rugs, toilet seat covers; if it puts a layer between you and a surface you don’t want to damage, it counts! Because of the wide range of places they can be, protectors can also have a wide variety of looks. That means you can protect your furniture from damage without covering it completely. Simple table runners, for example, protect your table from hot serving dishes without completely concealing the surface of the table itself. The result is a stylish look that you might not even consider a “cover.”

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For Moving and Storage

Vinyl Cover For Selected Summit Outdoor Refrigerators, VCOS by Summit

Of course, there is nothing wrong with needing a furniture cover for purely practical purposes. If you’re moving or have seasonal outdoor furniture that needs to be protected from the elements, furniture covers have you covered as well. Indoors or out, furniture covers serve to extend the life of your furniture, protecting it from weathering and everyday wear or tear. These tend to be less pleasant to look at, but are made of a tougher material than indoor-only decorative covers and with more secure fastening.

Hiding the Damage

Coley White Linen Armless Chair, 23493 by Uttermost

On the flip side, if your furniture is already damaged but you’re not ready to replace it, fitted slipcovers can breathe new life into furniture that’s still plenty functional, but not so nice to look at. As an added bonus, these slipcovers often have a homey, farmhouse feel that makes old furniture feel charmingly vintage. Instead of having an obvious coverup of furniture damage, you can lean into the look without needing to reupholster or refinish.

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Keep Your Home Dander-Free

Grey Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover, 78899500012 by Majestic Pet Products

There is one use for furniture covers that I found surprisingly effective: trapping allergens. No matter how hard you try to separate the inside of your home from the outside, it always gets in. Pollen and dirt attaches to your clothes and accumulates on every surface they interact with. Over time, you may find that your couch is a source of your sneezing and coughing. Especially if you have pets, simple furniture covers can help keep dander, oils, and just plain old dirt and grime from soaking into your furniture. Covering up your back seat and sofa and tossing a bed scarf along the foot of your bed can help contain pet messes and make them easier to clean up.

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No-Fret Installation and Maintenance

Gold Rush Arm Chair Furniture Protector In Multi GL-1707CFPA by Greenland Home Fashions

If furniture covers are so great, how do you go about putting them on? For many of them, you simply lay it on top of the piece you want. For a better fit, these come in a few forms: heavy quilted ones whose weight holds them in place, expensive fitted slip covers, and highly elastic ones that stretch and tuck to fit the contours of your couch. When it comes to cleaning, it’s easier to throw the protective cover into the washing machine than to steam clean the couch every time it gets dirty. And if the cover isn’t dry in time for your next movie marathon, you don’t have to sit on a wet couch; just forgo the cover this time. It doesn’t completely eliminate the need to take a more thorough touch to your furniture, but it makes it so you have to do it less often.

If furniture covers still seem unnecessary and tacky to you, that’s okay. Even the most charming of cover designs are still obviously covers. However, if you want to add ease to your furniture cleaning, moving, or storage, protectors and covers are now a more stylish solution than ever.