Introducing James Martin’s Trendy New 2021 Bathroom Vanity Collection

New product lines typically get rolled out towards the start of the year. But 2021 has been anything but typical. This year, James Martin’s big annual update has come as a new fall collection rather than a spring one. But with five entirely new collections and a whole host of updates to their most popular designs? These changes have been well worth the wait.

James Martin’s new Alicante collection is a gorgeous transitional hybrid. The hardware-free cabinet doors and open cubby design are modern and spa-like. But the added paneling elevates the look, giving it a more sophisticated, subtly Art Deco feel. Like many of James Martin’s newer vanity collections, the Alicante line is customizable. Not only are the vanities available in two sizes and four different colors, they also have more than one installation option. You can wall mount the cabinets for a floating effect, or stick with a freestanding style using a metal base in your choice of three different finishes. Add to that an integrated solid surface sink and plenty of interior storage, and you’ve got an elegant option for a small to mid-sized bathroom.

James Martin’s new Athens line is an ambitious addition to their collection. It combines the beauty of designer cabinetry with the convenience of modular collections, featuring vanities in five different sizes and six sink configurations, plus four modular storage pieces to add on as you see fit. Though the vanities only come in two colors – white and acacia – they have many more options for customization; removable legs, eight vanity top options, and alternate cabinet door panels can all transform the final look of the vanity. Regardless of size, all of the Athens vanities come packed with storage, including hidden internal drawers, shelves, and built-in outlets.

The Athens collection offers maximum storage and customizability, but James Martin’s new Brooklyn collection is all about style and simplicity. Despite the growing popularity of reclaimed wood, it’s gotten harder to find basic open-shelf wood vanities in the recent years. The Brooklyn collection fills this need neatly, with a bold wooden frame available in four sizes and two colors. The platinum ash offers a spa-like feel, while the rustic ash has a sturdier, more industrial look. But don’t be fooled by the vanity’s outward simplicity. The front panel conceals functional drawer space on even the smallest sizes, lending almost unheard-of hidden storage to what appears to be an elegantly basic framework console.

Last but certainly not least is James Martin’s new Milan collection. This is another ambitious, customizable line. But where the Athens collection is ideal for large bathrooms, the Milan vanities are better for smaller, more modern spaces. All the vanities have a single sink, with three color options in four different widths, ranging from 24″-48″. Like the recently-updated Columbia collection, the Milan vanities are outwardly-simple slab cabinets with optional, customizable legs. The absence of hardware on the outside lends the vanity a sleeker, simpler look, and conceals the storage inside. Rather than a simple open cabinet or single drawer, the Milan vanities feature two-tiered drawers complete with organizers that help maximize storage and eliminate wasted space. Though the collection itself isn’t modular, the three wall-mounted storage cabinets and matching mirrors are, giving you lots of room to create just the right storage setup.

James Martin Furniture is often at the forefront of bathroom design. Their collections walk a fine line between trendy, trend-setting, and timeless, and their Fall 2021 catalog is no exception. Whether you’re decorating a sprawling master bathroom or one that’s smaller than you’d like, they’ve got a vanity for you.