Industrial Bathroom Vanities: A Stylish Urban Update For A White Bathroom

One of the biggest new trends in bathroom design isn’t actually new at all, but an homage to a very old look. Specifically, lots of designers are trying their hand at re-interpreting and recreating a turn-of-the-century industrial style. At the height of the industries this look is imitating, bathrooms were very different than the ones we use today. So industrial-style bathrooms (and especially industrial bathroom vanities) aren’t so much antique replicas, but more like a love letter to the aesthetic. That said, they’re a great update for a white bathroom, and a perfect way to get a fresh look that doesn’t feel too modern.

Why An Industrial Style?

Industrial-inspired spaces really started coming into vogue around the time warehouse and factory buildings started getting converted into high-end lofts and apartments. Reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and unusual, old metalwork are key features of these spaces. Now, designers are adopting these features as decorative elements and using them to create spaces that have an urban feel with a touch of old fashioned charm and whimsy. As all-white cottage and farmhouse style bathrooms have fallen out of favor, industrial elements have become a popular way to give them a quick but effective facelift.

What Do Industrial Bathroom Vanities Look Like?

Adding wood and dark metal elements can transform a white bathroom, and there’s no better, simpler way to do it than with a new bathroom vanity. Industrial bathroom vanities are very distinct-looking. Typically, they’re made of wood – either weathered or left unfinished – and topped off with some kind of black metal elements. The metal elements can be as simple as cabinet hardware, but often include elaborate and extensive metal framework. Even if you’re only updating your bathroom vanity, this adds a lot to a white bathroom. The metal will up the contrast of your space, while the wood will help make it feel warmer. Together, that means cutting through the sterile and washed out look that people have come to dislike about all-white bathrooms.

Not Too Far From A Cottage Or Farmhouse Style

If your space already has a cottage or farmhouse look, it isn’t actually a big leap to an industrial style. In fact, since they’re drawing from the same time period and share a lot of design elements, an industrial bathroom vanity will feel right at home. Better still, because this is a switch a lot of people are making, it’s easy to find vanities that straddle the two looks. Keep an eye out for whitewashed wood vanities dressed up with elaborate hardware, or even barn-style doors. The more detailed the woodwork on the cabinet doors, the more traditional the final look will be. So if you’re aiming for something homey and old fashioned, avoid flat slab cabinet doors.

…Unless You Want It To Be

On the flip side, if you aren’t necessarily trying to hold onto a more cottage or farmhouse inspired feel, industrial bathroom vanities also come in much more daring, contemporary styles. Simple slab cabinets and metal legs or hardware are extremely common offerings. But you can also find unique consoles and some fun, distinctive designs. The simpler the elements, the more contemporary the vanity will feel on the whole, but less conventional choices are great for turning an industrial bathroom vanity into the focal point of your space.

Any Variations On The Look?

Unfinished wood and black metal are the go-to pairing for building an industrial look. But you don’t necessarily need both to get that daring, urban feel. Weathered wood without the metal elements will often feel spa-like rather than industrial. But there’s something about black metal framework that gets the point across when used on its own or paired with a white vanity. Industrial-style black-framed windows are making a huge comeback in the design world in general. Black metal framework (whether on a window, vanity, or shower door) evokes this look to make a really striking accent.

Industrial Bathroom Vanities For Any Size Bathroom

My favorite thing about this take on an industrial style is that it can work well in almost any bathroom. Industrial bathroom vanities come in lots of different sizes, and can fit in most bathrooms. More importantly, they have a look that evokes both tradition and innovation. This creates a transitional feel that’s easy to integrate into an existing setting. Since industrial bathroom vanities are distinct-looking, they’re really the only piece you need to establish the look in your bathroom. All together, that means you only need to replace one piece to adopt an industrial style for your bathroom. No major renovation needed!

If you’ve been looking for a way to add a little color, warmth, and contrast to your white bathroom, industrial bathroom vanities are one of the simplest and most popular ways to do it right now. It’s a simple swap that can totally revitalize your space and breathe new life into a bland white bathroom.

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