Better Bedroom Storage: Find The Best Way To Streamline Your Stuff

Sometimes the bedroom closet isn’t enough space for all your things. This problem is especially noticeable for people who share a room, like couples or siblings. You could always try decluttering and minimizing, but there’s only so much you can take away before being left with the essentials. If you simply can’t part with your entire wardrobe, adding storage to your bedroom is the next best option.

Back To Basics: Add A Dresser

Dressers are the most basic form of bedroom storage. Most likely, when you think of adding storage to your room, you’re thinking of adding a new dresser. They come in all shapes and sizes, with advantages for each choice. Short dressers can also be used as a tabletop and tall ones take up less overall space with more room inside. The only drawback (and if you hate laundry like me, it’s a big one) is that you have to fold everything in order to most efficiently store your clothes.

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Wardrobes: Oldie But A Goodie

In contrast, wardrobes are freestanding, secondary closets that you can add to increase your overall room storage. You can hang your clothes to avoid fold wrinkles and see them more clearly for browsing than you would in a dresser or on a shelf. They may seem like an old-fashioned choice, but modern wardrobes also come with a less stuffy, sleeker look that won’t feel out of place in your bedroom.

Choose A Nightstand With Built In Storage

The nightstand is a critical piece of bedroom furniture because most beds don’t have a place you can keep needed objects like a glass of water or your cellphone nearby. They already have a place in the bedroom, but you can add to their usefulness by getting one with shelves, drawers or other storage. Not only can you then keep important things on the table surface, but inside the nightstand as well. Have a book you occasionally read at night? Put in the nightstand shelf where it won’t be in the way. Have a contacts case you’re afraid of knocking over in the middle of the night? Put them in a drawer where you can grab them blind in the morning.

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No Space To Spare? Upgrade To A Storage Bed

If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room to add furniture, consider replacing your existing pieces with something more storage-friendly. A storage bed in particular is a great choice. They do all the work of a normal bed frame, but come jam-packed with storage options. There are all kinds of options, like chests at the foot of the bed, drawers underneath the platform, and shelves built into the headboard. Depending on which you choose (and if it’s a visible display) you can store extra linens, off-season clothes, or even your book collection.

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Customize Your Closet Space

You may also have enough space in your closet, but just aren’t using it as efficiently as possible. Closet organizers can help take an overflowing, messy closet and turn it into a manageable, tidy one by moving around what’s already there to better fit the space. Something as simple as an extra closet rod or additional shelving can make a big difference in your closet’s organization and appearance. Even adding lighting in your closet can make getting ready for the day take much less time.

If you’re struggling to close your closet door every day, there are options to add to your bedroom for extra storage. Whether you prefer folding or hanging clothes, need a little or a lot of space, and want something single-purpose or multi-functional, there is a piece of furniture that best fits your needs.