Smart Outdoor Furniture To Dress Up Your Small Deck or Patio

Summertime is meant to be spent outside. But not all of us have a large and lavish porch or deck to spend it on. Small outdoor spaces can be frustrating to decorate, too; so much outdoor furniture is sized for a big deck or patio. But there IS hope for smaller spaces. Space-saving outdoor furniture can fit tiny porches and minimal decks with ease… and still look good doing it!

Choose Tall Outdoor Furniture

Building up can be useful when dealing with a small deck or porch. Tall tables and chairs maximize the vertical space of an area where there isn’t much horizontally. It visually puts more room in the space even with the same amount of seating as a lower table and chairs, making your deck feel less cramped. The added height of bar-style tables and chairs also requires less spreading out to be comfortable, especially for taller folks with long legs. You can even forgo the chairs and have just the table for mingling with drinks while standing up to fit more people on your porch.

Pick Pieces That Stack Or Stow Away

Nesting furniture can be a big help when it comes to keeping a lot of furniture in a small space. You can fit chairs or other tables underneath a nesting table completely when not in use, keeping your furniture from becoming clutter. This type of outdoor furniture packs a lot of punch in terms of functionality when you don’t have a lot to work with, but doesn’t look weird or out of place in nested form.

Make Room To Re-Organize Your Space With Modular Outdoor Furniture

If you like picking out your furniture piece by piece, sectionals may be the answer to your space problem. These are couches you can pull apart and rearrange to fit your space, no matter how weirdly-shaped it is. This way you can take advantage of all the space you do have, even the corners, without a funky-looking setup. Best of all, you can buy as many individual pieces of a sectional you want. That means you can fit as few or as many people onto the porch or deck as the space can hold, all while making a coherent couch when put together.

Skip The Crowd And Plan A More Intimate Outdoor Setup

You don’t have to think big when planning outdoor furniture for a small deck. A table for two can be plenty to have a nice time outside in the sun. Small furniture like this is perfect if you have a long off-season where you can’t go outside due to weather, as there is less to store in your garage or basement than a four-chair set. Entertaining for more than two? A permanent spot for two still means you’ll need less fold-out furniture to make a gathering happen, and have less to put away when you’re done.

Move Your Deck Seating To Your Lawn Or Garden

Another option is to move away from the tiny porch and choose furniture you can put on your lawn directly. A bench or swing makes for a perfect lawn decoration while still being a functional piece of furniture. This is a great way to get creative with seating if you simply can’t place much on your porch or deck but still want to entertain.

You don’t need a large porch or deck to be able to entertain; with a little clever furniture, you can fit even a large group in a small space comfortably and conveniently.