Small Bathroom Vanities and Sinks To Save Space And Maximize Storage

A small bathroom can make getting ready in the morning a real pain. It’s cramped, claustrophobic, and severely lacking in the space one needs to move around without bumping into anything. The hardware you install in here is absolutely critical to making the most out of your space, notably the bathroom vanity. Small bathroom vanities may not reach the full width of your bathroom and give you a glorious amount of sink and counter space, but they can pack a real punch if you’re smart about picking one out that best suits your bathroom needs.

Choose Bathroom Vanities That Can Store Everything You Need

32″ Buckner Hall Chest Bathroom Vanity Set, 11.22.275532.38 by Cole and Co

Storage can be crucial when dealing with a small bathroom, and a small bathroom vanity is a good solution that doesn’t take up more space than your sink normally would. The cabinet is the width of the sink basin and ledge, making it as compact as the sink will allow. Having drawers or a cabinet in a vanity allow you to keep things nearby instead of in a linen closet outside of the bathroom where they aren’t nearly as useful.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Drawers

24″ Nature Wood Free Standing Modern Bathroom Vanity, FMB24-by Kubebath

Drawers in particular are an important bathroom asset. Having storage at waist height is key for items like toothpaste, razors, contacts cases, and other items that you can’t always leave out on the sink ledge but need every day. If you don’t have something at waist height, you have to bend more to reach what you need, which can become a headache (or a backache!) doing repeatedly.

Wall Mount Your Bathroom Vanity

30″ Single Sink – Wall Mount Vanity Set In Espresso | Tempered Glass, DEC1100A-30 by Design Element

If you’re willing to sacrifice some storage, wall-mounted vanities can add floor space to your bathroom on top of visual interest. This type of vanity doesn’t touch the floor, making it appear as if it’s a floating cabinet with a sink on it. The removal of a full-height cabinet is not only appealing to look at, but also opens up the bathroom more and makes it feel bigger, even if you’re using up the same amount of space. These have a distinctly modern flair, and will be right at home in your contemporary bathroom, but not so much in a farmhouse or beach style one.

Have More Counter Space with an Offset Sink

35″ Single Sink – Wall Mount Vanity Set In Espresso, DEC1107 by Design Element

Another solution if you’re okay with asymmetry is an offset sink. An offset sink, while less common than other vanity types, can provide crucial extra space when getting ready in the morning. In a small bathroom, counter space is everything, so why cut it in half and make it less usable by putting the sink in the middle of the vanity? There is also the added bonus of having more functional drawers and cabinet storage because the plumbing placement is off to the side instead of the center.

Forget Bathroom Vanities: Upgrade To a Pedestal Sink

24″ White Pedestal Sink W/ Medicine Cabinet – Modern Bathroom Vanity, FVN5023WH by Fresca

A pedestal sink is fairly simple in concept: a broad basin on top of a pedestal with no vanity or extra pieces. These don’t provide a lot of counter space, but to make up for it they don’t take up a lot of floor space either. For really tight bathrooms where you would struggle to open a cabinet door, these are a perfect sink solution because of their simple nature. Plus, you can get creative with the design of the pedestal and have some porcelain sculpture in your bathroom to elevate the room’s overall style to something more elegant.

Small bathroom vanities can be a bathroom’s savior when researched and chosen right for the space. You may not have a lot of room to work with, but you can maximize storage and style with what you do have.