Install a Space-Saving Wall Toilet in Your Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can be miserable to deal with if you don’t go out of your way to make the most of it. But while there are plenty of ways to conserve space in in a small bathroom, one you likely haven’t considered is your toilet. A wall-mounted toilet is efficient, easier than you think to install and maintain, and most importantly takes up less of your precious bathroom space.

Toilet Setup

In Wall Tank & Carrier For Wall Mounted Toilets, PSF332 by Eago

How do you install a toilet that’s partially in the wall? The short answer is, you’ll need to open up your wall and install the tank between your wall’s studs hook the basin up to the wall itself. If you have a major bathroom renovation or some drywall work coming up, now is the time to invest in a wall toilet. Other than the initial installation, though, they operate just like any other toilet and don’t require special, extra maintenance.

Free Up Some Space

Hiding half the toilet behind your drywall means more space for you in a cramped bathroom (by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture)

Then there is the space-saving component of having a wall toilet. Most of the toilet hardware is installed inside the wall, leaving only the basin exposed. That means the part of the toilet you can see will only take up half the space it normally does. In a small bathroom this is a critical amount of space opening up, even if you don’t necessarily use it. Your bathroom will look and feel bigger because of your toilet’s smart usage of the wall behind it.

Wall Toilet Costs

As wall-mounted toilets get popular, more affordable options become available (by Elad Gonen)

Looking at the sleek, sophisticated appearance of a wall mounted toilet, you may believe that it’s simply out of your bathroom’s price range. That’s not necessarily true. Sure, they can be considered a luxury item and there are some models that cost over a thousand dollars, but there are more affordable options available as the wall-mounting trend gets more popular. You can find some closer to $300 depending on quality and features included.

You may not think about it during your initial investment, but a wall toilet can save on water usage and costs with time (by Werschay Homes)

With time, you can actually save money using a wall toilet due to more efficient use of water. There are two buttons for flushing: one for liquid waste and one for solid waste. By differentiating between the two, less water is used when disposing of liquid waste and can add up to a lot of water not going down the drain unnecessarily per year. Less water use is less money spent, and should be a factor when talking about the longevity of installing a new toilet.

Wall Toilet Cleaning and Repair

You don’t have to worry about the base of your toilet gathering dust if there isn’t really a base to begin with (by C.P. Hart Bathrooms)

Cleaning your wall-mounted toilet is much easier than its counterparts. Simply put, there is less to clean. With the tank hidden away, you don’t have to worry about dust collecting on the parts you don’t touch. Being hooked into the wall also means it’s off the ground and easier to clean underneath as well since you can just swipe a mop under the basin without running into any hardware. When you need to repair your toilet, the flush controls are on a panel that can be opened and accessed. The space is admittedly tight, but you won’t have to sledgehammer the wall open every time the water stops running.

There are a lot of benefits to adding a wall mounted toilet to your bathroom, especially in a smaller space. Consider installing one during your next bathroom renovation, or if you just feel taking out some drywall.