Invite Guests to Sleep In With a Sofa Bed, Futon, or Daybed

If you don’t have a guest bedroom, it can be a hassle to have visitors stay the night without a good sofa. Luckily, there is a plethora of couches that double as beds and sleeping surfaces. A sofa bed is made for sleeping just as much as for sitting, and can help put your guest up for the night. Feel free to cozy up and take a nap in any of these sofa beds.

Daly Contemporary Style Leatherette Futon Sofa In Brown, IDF-2120 by Furniture of America

A futon sofa is a type of couch made of mattress material that doubles as a bed. It allows for easy conversion between the two forms by reclining the back of the sofa. You may think of dorm rooms when you hear the word, but these futons are much better quality than what your old college roommate had. They’re cozy little couches with extra legs to balance and support you either sitting or laying down.

A modern daybed is a comfortable way to catch some rays or some z’s (by Celia Welch Interiors)

A daybed is a type of bed that resembles a sofa or chaise, but is meant for midday lounging and sleeping. They are around the size of a typical twin mattress, usually with arms or a back for lounging purposes, and have been used for centuries (though modern designs rival any couch in blending in with your home). Some daybeds are weatherproofed and can go outside if you’re inclined to have a nap in the sun, and some even come with hoods to prevent you from the sun’s direct rays.

Ashbury Sleeper Sofa, EF-Z1-SL001 by Edloe Finch

A sleeper sofa is mattress material in sofa form. You normally expect them to lift up and have a mattress frame underneath, but they can also fold out and down like futons except bigger and cozier. They also look the most like a regular sofa if you want a sofa bed that can blend in, but unfold into a bed at night when you need it most.

While more expensive than an air mattress, sofa beds blend better and don’t require as much setup, leaving you with more time to snooze (by Isola Homes)

If you have frequent guests to your home, you may consider one of these types of sofas to have an easier time giving them somewhere to sleep. An air mattress, while a decent and cheap temporary solution, is bulky, a pain to set up, visually unappealing, and can’t be used as anything other than a bed. In a lot of cases, you don’t even need to put sheets on a futon or other sofa bed, meaning there is less prep time before you or your guest can hit the hay.

A child’s bedroom is a great place for a futon so that their friends can stay in the same room at night instead of being banished to the couch (by Red Pencil Architecture)

Where would you keep one of these sofas in your home? The easy, obvious answer is in the living room, either as a supplement to your couch or as a replacement to one, but is far from the only place. If you work from home and often work late into the night, having a futon in your home office means not disturbing anyone else in the household with your hours. In the sunroom, you can enjoy nature and pleasant weather while you nap without worry. And in a child’s bedroom, it becomes a place for their friends to sleep over without having to take to the floor.

If you frequently have guests spend a lot of time sleeping on your current sofa, it’s worth looking into your options of what’s out there to know you’re providing the best and most comfortable option for your friends.