Making A Statement: Bathroom Vanities With Unique, Stand-Out Features

Updating your bathroom vanity isn’t something you need to do often, so there can be a lot of pressure to make it count when you do want to change it out for something new. You could go for an unobtrusive vanity that isn’t noticeable in your overall bathroom aesthetic, or you could go for something that stands out. Unique bathroom vanities bring a personalized style to your bathroom that you can’t get any other way and still function as useful furniture for your bathroom.

Silverlake 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity, Natural Applewood, 312-V30-APP by James Martin

Wood goes well with beach and cottage style bathrooms, but the room doesn’t need a specific theme in order to stand out from other, plainer bathrooms. A wood look brings a naturalistic vibe to your bathroom and sets it apart from neutral color glossy finishes, like traditional black or espresso brown. The wood grain is a great way to get some extra texture in the room while not looking out of place on a vanity.

Pasadena 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity, Burnished Mahogany, 250-V36-BNM by James Martin

Non-traditional shapes are another way to distinguish your vanity from the herd. Most standard cabinet boxes are rectangular, in both the kitchen and bathroom. Even subtle curves can prevent a vanity from looking too rectangular and boxy and therefore similar to every other vanity. Little changes like angled sides make your furniture unique because the eye is so used to a standardized rectangular shape.

Castilian 60″ Single Bathroom Vanity, Ada, Aged Cognac, 161-V60S-ACG by James Martin

Some distinctive shapes have a purpose. A powder room-style vanity with room for seating lets you do more at your vanity than just stand. This ADA-compliant type of vanity allows you to bring a chair (including a wheelchair) up to the counter and still be able to use it comfortably. It not only looks different from other bathroom vanities, but it brings extra function to your room if you’re looking for it.

Balmoral 26″ Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Antique Walnut, 150-V26-ANW by James Martin

A decorative front can turn bathroom vanities into functional art pieces. From detailing, carving, and painting, your vanity can have a fresh look that isn’t just a boring flat surface. This can be a determiner of style, so while simple cabinet fronts are a modern choice, more detailed woodwork creates a more traditional look. You also aren’t limited in design by one part; the base, legs, and feet of a vanity can also be detailed and ornate to further a traditional look in the room. It’s an easy choice if you are looking for an obvious and dramatic way to distinguish your bathroom vanity from others that’s guaranteed to feel uniquely yours.

Sonoran 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity, Silver Oak, 864-V72-SOK by James Martin

Finally, even a bathroom vanity’s storage can make it unique. Special shelves made for storing particular things like towels and toiletries not only make getting ready easier, they also can be displayed like accessories. Choosing what storage to show is a stylistic choice, and can be very telling of how you use your bathroom. The more exposed kinds of storage is a modern look that combines form and function, but you can also find a more subtle cabinet that hides how much storage you have. Plus, you get a lot more space to store all your bathroom supplies for ease of use.

Pursuing a unique bathroom vanity that fits with your bathroom can feel like a daunting task with so many options available, but between the shape, material, and decorative elements, you can distinguish and highlight your bathroom in a big way.