Completing Your Kitchen Island: Bar Stools To Bring The Family Together

The kitchen has been undergoing a lot of changes in recent years, with the closed-off dining room falling out of favor in order to create a more unified cooking and eating area. In order for this to happen, you have to rethink seating in the kitchen. Creating a dining space through the use of your kitchen island and some bar stools can greatly improve your home and bring the family and guests together during meal time. It’s simple, easy to install, and a clever use of space and furniture.

Helsinki Black Stainless Steel Counter Stool (set Of 2), CDF-K3639 by Contemporary Design Furniture

The kitchen is becoming the central hub for the family to gather with more open-space designs. It’s only natural then to want seating in the kitchen so that everyone can sit comfortably during meal prep, and the best place for that is the kitchen island. You can place several bar stools around an island and create a usable table space for the family to share company and meals. This seating can even replace your dining table, as dining rooms are on the outs and are being combined with the kitchen to create a bigger, more open space.

Astrid Grey Velvet Counter Stool, CDF-D44025 by Contemporary Design Furniture

Most larger kitchens have to have an island in order to have more surface area to prepare and cook meals. These fixtures are taller than the dining table so they can be used standing up, so if you want to sit at one you can’t use just any old dining chair. Bar stools are meant to be used for bar counters and fit the kitchen island’s height well so that you can also use them as tall tables. Take advantage of existing structures to create a unique dining experience through adding just a couple chairs to your kitchen.

A ledge on your kitchen island ensures that your stools can be pushed in and put away so as to not be in your way when doing kitchen tasks (by SDG Architecture, Inc.)

Using bar stools can be a great way to make seating in a smaller space. You may not have room for both a kitchen island and dining table, so why not combine their functions to take up less room? Depending on the island, you can also have a ledge to extend your counter space over the island itself and tuck the bar stools under when not in use to keep them out of the way. This also helps keep the stools from looking stranded or adrift in your kitchen with a clear place for them to go.

Hart Navy Velvet Bar Stool In Navy, CDF-BS23 by Contemporary Design Furniture

Bar stools are also a simple and clever way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. There aren’t a lot of areas in which you can decorate with color in your kitchen, so you should take advantage of the color variety that bar stools have when picking some out. Even something more subtle like a dark navy blue can have an effect on the entire room and brighten the space. But if you do want to go bold, chairs are a safe way to not go overboard with decor in the kitchen but still get all the benefits of a stylish, unique design or color.

Bored of your kitchen design? Replace your bar stools for a refreshing take on the space (by DesignARC)

Bar stools come at a lower price point than other kitchen furniture, making them easy to replace when you want to change up your kitchen’s look. Sometimes, the look you have going in your kitchen is not what you want all the time, or has become outdated over time. Whether you like to change your style during different times of the year or just need to replace some worn out chairs, bar stools are some of the cheapest kitchen furniture to replace and renew.

While not a top priority in your kitchen remodeling list, bar stools are an easy way to furnish your kitchen and create a seating area the family can enjoy not just during meal time, but during the preparing of it as well.