Add a Backsplash to Dress Up Any Style Kitchen

Backsplashes started out as a practical renovation to keep water from damaging your kitchen walls. Now, they’ve become a popular decorative element to help keep your walls interesting. Backsplashes are as versatile as they are attractive, and can used to accentuate any kitchen style or layout. From traditional subway tile to bold graphic tile, adding a new backsplash can makeover your kitchen without a major renovation.

You don’t need a professional to install a backsplash if you have a little elbow grease and the DIY spirit (by Spaces into Places LLC)

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A kitchen backsplash is a fairly easy-to-install renovation for the home, so it’s become a popular choice for those who want to update their kitchen without gutting the cabinets or appliances. You can even do it yourself in the course of a weekend if you’re willing to get a little dirty – especially if you work with DIY-friendly mosaic tile sheets. Aside from looking great, backsplashes also help prevent your walls from staining and molding from frequent water contact, which is especially important around the area of the kitchen sink. It’s a renovation that’s both beautiful and practical for a well-loved kitchen.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, your backsplash can range from underneath the cupboards to touching the ceiling with tile (by Stacey Brandford Photography)

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Height is an important consideration when planning a kitchen backsplash. Normally, backsplashes range in height from a few inches up to the height of your cabinets. But in some areas of the kitchen they can be even taller, like behind the kitchen sink or stovetop, where they can take up the full height of your wall. The area beneath the range hood is a particularly popular place to add a tile accent or show off a really beautiful full-height backsplash – both of which are big 2020 trends we’re seeing more of.

Introducing a new color to your kitchen via the backsplash is a great way to bring attention to your counters and cabinets (Ackley Cabinet LLC)

An important aspect of tiling your backsplash is making sure you’re also adding visual interest to your kitchen. A fun color is an easy way of drum up attention to your kitchen. It doesn’t even have to be that bold a hue itself, but a good contrast to your countertops and cabinets. You can do this by choosing a tile light and bright to go against dark counters, or the vice versa of a dark tile against white counters.

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Using a patterned tile in your kitchen is like applying a wallpaper; it feels and looks like it took more effort to install than you actually spent (by K Squared)

An unusual pattern is another way of dressing up your kitchen. Subway tile tends to be laid horizontally, one rectangle after another. A pattern on the tile keeps this from being a boring layout, instead creating an intricate picture on your kitchen wall. Though dizzying when used in large quantities, this is a look that feels hard to replicate and therefore more thoughtful and fancy than your average tile.

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Make an area the center of your kitchen by putting a bold color backsplash only there, where it will draw your eye (by Alison Besikof Custom Designs)

You don’t have to cover your entire kitchen in tile for it to look good. In fact, doing so may make the room feel overwhelming and detract from your favorite parts of the kitchen. Try using your backsplash to highlight and center certain areas of your kitchen, like the sink or stove. It’s less of a project than placing tile the entire length of the cabinets but still brings focus and style to the area of your choice.

When planning your next kitchen renovation, consider adding a backsplash to the top of your to-do list in order to better highlight all the things about your kitchen that you love.