Top Kitchen Trends of 2020: Decorative Range Hoods

A range hood is an important piece of equipment in any kitchen, built to ventilate your stovetop and oven, but they can get boring to look at with their standard steel exterior. A decorative range hood can change this by adding thoughtful style to your kitchen. Built to stand out or blend in, these range hoods come in a variety of materials and sizes for all kitchens in order to take advantage of the space they take up instead of being an eyesore. Here are the top range hood trends of 2020.

Why Decorative Range Hoods?

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional range hood, it can be a boring element of your kitchen’s space without a more sophisticated design (by Fitch & Company)

The kitchen is a fairly practical and functional space, so why would you need something like a range hood to be decorative when it can do its job without looking pretty? The range hood is a rather large piece of kitchen equipment, so it only makes sense to want it to have some style. There’s nothing wrong with a basic hood of course, but it is taking up space in your kitchen that it could be doing with more flair.

Statement Metals

Warmer metals don’t provide a harsh contrast against most kitchen backdrops and are therefore a stylish choice for a statement metal (by Art of Range Hoods)

Different metals make for statement pieces and the current 2020 trends involve more warm metals like copper and brass and less cool ones like stainless steel and chrome. They pop as strong accents without providing a shiny, harsh contrast which makes them feel bold without being very industrial. These metals are a great investment as the trend is about as durable as the metals themselves, leading to lasting quality and relevance for years to come.

2020 is copper’s year for use in the home as statement pieces, range hoods included (by Jorge Ulibarri Custom Homes)

Copper in particular is incredibly popular right now because its rich color and warm glow add a touch of softness to the kitchen that other metals lack. It’s versatility in perking up other kitchen elements through a less harsh exterior make it invaluable when decorating for a welcoming kitchen. Also, it is naturally antimicrobial, which helps prevent bacteria and viruses from collecting on the surface.


One type of decorative range hood is the minimalist type, taking up as little space as possible with its sleek form (by Wolf Design Studio)

For those looking for a more minimalist kitchen, there are range hoods for that. A simple plate style hood takes up less visual space than a traditional bulky one, allowing it to essentially disappear and let the rest of your kitchen show off. If you’re especially fond of your paint, wallpaper, or tile job, consider something that highlights that instead of hiding it. They’re also often less expensive than other decorative range hoods, allowing you to redesign your space on a budget.

Blending In

Don’t want your range hood to be the star of the kitchen? Tile over it and make your backsplash the highlight instead (by KitchenLab Interiors)

Some people may want the opposite of a bold statement range hood, and so there’s also the option of having it blend in with the rest of the kitchen. You can do a DIY tile or wood covering project over a basic metal range hood in order to have it match better with the surrounding wall. This is the most time-consuming of the options as you can’t just order one to match your space, but the results can be the most stunning of all the decorative range hood options.

So while there’s nothing wrong with a basic range hood, decorative ones bring out your kitchen’s unique style and maximize how much choice you get in picking out even the most functional of kitchen appliances.