Get the Look: Modern Gold Accents to Update Your Bathroom

Gold hardware has been a staple in bathrooms for decades, so in the 21st century it’s hard for it not to feel outdated. You may be tempted to replace your faucets and showerhead with something newer like brass or chrome, but modern bathrooms have brought gold back as an accent. With some other updates to your bathroom, your gold hardware can go from boring to stylish. Here’s what makes gold stand out in a modern look.

Gold is back as a stylish hardware choice for the modern bathroom, so long as you use it as an accent (by CM Natural Designs)

Get the Look: Designing a bathroom like this isn’t too difficult once you break it down into parts. In the center, you have a symmetrical vanity area surrounded on each side by asymmetrical components, the shower and tub. Create this look with factory-inspired exposed bulb lights above two simple gold mirrors for each sink, with matching gold faucets atop a stark black two-sink vanity with a white marble top and gold handles. An open shower with a gold shower head is a daring, modern look that contrasts nicely with the standalone tub across from it. White brick tile lining the walls ties everything together with a uniformity except in the shower, where it’s broken up by patterned tile insets to highlight the bathing stool and shampoo ledge.

Why It Works: The key to gold hardware being a standout modern accent rather than a relic is through the context in which it sits. The bold black of the bathroom vanity, floor tile, and shower provide a twist to boring white bathrooms and make a dark canvas on which gold can shine. And shine it does, adding depth and luxury to the room without feeling too vintage by being used sparingly. When mixing metals in a room’s decor, one metal should dominate the room, whether it’s gold or an Inca brass, and the rest (like the brushed brass of the exposed sconces) are used as secondary accents.

Gold hardware doesn’t need to feel like a relic in the bathroom and doesn’t need to be replaced if you decide to update your look to a more modern aesthetic. It can become a bold accent in any bathroom with the right canvas of solid neutrals and equally bold modern furniture to help it shine.