Cedar Canoes by Old Modern Handicrafts

You may think of Home Thangs as your reliable home and garden online shopping spot, but we have an adventurous side as well. Thanks to Old Modern Handicrafts, we have solo or duo canoes water-ready for your next trip, whether you are a beginner at canoeing or a seasoned paddler. If you’re keen on exploring the outdoors, a canoe is a great way to do so due to its easy to carry weight, ability to store travel necessities, and simple maintenance.

Canoe 18, K002 by Old Modern Handicrafts

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What Are The Canoes Made Of?

The main material in every Old Modern Handicrafts canoe is pliable Canadian cedar, with each strip being hand-joined together. Every canoe takes hundreds of hours to assemble out of this lightweight material, and is then covered in fiberglass epoxy resin to add an extra layer of durability and strength to avoid scrapes and scratches. The result is a 12 to 18 foot craft that is easy for the canoer(s) to carry and board for a good paddle session. Old Modern Handicrafts canoes also come with a show-graded set of wooden paddles, but you can use your own if they are a better fit for your stroke.

Traditional Canoe With Ribs, K084 by Old Modern Handicrafts

Canoe Customizability And Safety

While technically no canoe is without ribs in its formation, some you see are listed as ribbed canoes, with obvious secondary half-ribs along the bottom. Do you go with ribs or no ribs? On many crafts they are an option to strengthen the floor of the canoe, but aren’t necessary unless you’re dealing with a heavy travel load or like the look and security of them.

Real Canoe 16, K005 by Old Modern Handicrafts

Testing your canoe’s ability to float is an important step before you ride it out on the water for the first time. If it doesn’t float up to your standards, you can buy flotation foam to install yourself to bring it up to snuff, and it will only add 3-4 lbs to the craft. Another important consideration is making sure you pick a size large enough to fit a first aid kit and other supplies like rope, matches, and a knife, and also that these things can be secured inside the canoe so they don’t spill out during a capsize. Sure, you may be able to fit and maneuver the smallest craft available, but remember to account for your belongings as an extension of yourself for space taken up and weight.

Canoe With Ribs Curved Bow Matte Finish 12 Feet, K080M by Old Modern Handicrafts

Keeping Your Canoe Like New

Store your canoes upside down in the shade, ideally indoors and off the ground to prevent water from pooling and rotting or peeling the wood. Water likes to get in the little cracks and crevices of your craft, so even if it looks dry, it’s safer to store in a way that drains the boat of any excess. A cover helps prevent rain and sun damage, but it needs to be aired out occasionally to make sure it isn’t damaging the boat either.

Canoe With Ribs Curved Bow 12 Feet, K080 by Old Modern Handicrafts

Along with the wood, canoes require other touch-up care as well to prevent greater problems down the line. Re-secure any loose metal fittings in between trips so that you don’t lose any screws, nuts, or bolts on the water. Most hardware stores have hull cleaner, polish, oil, and other maintenance necessities for basic repairs and to keep your canoe looking like new.

Whether you’re interested in getting in a canoe for the first time or have more experience as a paddler, Old Modern Handicrafts have canoes suited for taking out on the water right away for your next great adventure.