Get The Look: Personalize Your Bathroom With Bold Tile And Eclectic Accents

Bold, creative tile projects are at the forefront of luxury bathroom design right now, but undertaking one for the first time can be intimidating. After all, the intricate and in-your-face graphic tiles that are so popular right now can be a little overwhelming. That said, if you want to play with color and patterning and give your bathroom a more personalized look and feel, don’t be afraid to step a little outside the ordinary. Simple square and rectangular tile are fine and dandy, but choosing a few distinctive pieces (both tile and otherwise) can give your bathroom a signature feel – especially if you’re bold enough to mix and match!

Building your dream bathroom is really about choosing a few interesting elements... and not being afraid to combine them (by Tree Frog Design)
Building your dream bathroom is really about choosing a few interesting elements… and not being afraid to combine them (by Tree Frog Design)

Why It Works:

The term “eclectic” has a somewhat undeserved negative connotation; it probably brings to mind words like “busy” and “cluttered.” But this bathroom by Tree Frog Design is just the right amount of piecemeal to feel playful without drifting into uncoordinated. All the fixtures in this bathroom are chosen for their personality rather than the time period or region they originate from, with a particular emphasis on creating a contrast in texture and color. While on their own none of the parts or pieces of this bathroom are particularly bold choices, when paired together they have a surprisingly fun and refreshing feel.

Get The Look:

The best way to get a look like this is to follow your heart. But if you’d like to replicate this specific combination, start with a modern freestanding tub and tub filler, then pair it with a gray bathroom vanity (ideally one with an obvious wood grain, which will add a rough contrast to the smooth tub). A decorative vessel sink and unique mirror also make for fun and unexpected touches, as do the vintage bathroom sconce and the very-modern mother-of-pearl chandelier. A wood stool (or other weather-proof garden stool) is attractive and functional, but compact enough even for a smaller master bathroom. The real star of the show, though, is the Moroccan fan tile, which stands out not just for the color, but also the unique shape, which contrasts beautifully with the fairly-conventional subway-esque porcelain tile on the walls and the smooth, polished (and very traditional) elegance of the stone tile floors.

Rather than adhering to one consistent aesthetic, sometimes the best way to create a compelling bathroom design is simply to seek out pieces that you like without worrying whether or not they’ll match well. Lighting fixtures, faucets, sink, tile, and even bathtubs and bathroom vanities that spark your interest on sight should be the foundation of your bathroom’s aesthetic rather than the other way around!