Using Trendy, Sophisticated Gold Accents to Brighten Your Bathroom

Time and time again, gold resurfaces as a status symbol. It’s rare, it’s valuable, and it’s so irresistibly shiny. Whether it’s part of your phone, your wardrobe, a decor element in your house, or an edible layer in your fanciest drinks and foods, gold outlasts other colors and materials for its range of applicability and conveyance of luxury. It’s therefore only natural to consider using the metal as an accent in your interior design as well, and no room is better suited for a little gold pampering than your bathroom. With its luxurious look, warm saturation, and ability to pair well with other metals, gold accents are a must if you’re planning on a bathroom renovation project this year.

Use gold to frame several elements of your bathroom and tie them together, like your vanity and mirror combination (by Sarah St. Amand Interior Design, Inc.)

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The trick to using gold as an accent is that it adds a degree of luxury in small quantities without feeling overwhelming or obnoxious. Use accents to draw attention to your favorite parts of the bathroom. But be mindful about doing so; you wouldn’t want to show off a golden toilet, but a quality bathroom vanity is worth highlighting with the use of gold. Coordinating drawer hardware and faucets can help create a unified look, and is a cheaper project than outright replacing your cabinets while still giving your bathroom that sparkle.

Even a little gold can brighten up your bathroom immensely without changing out all your bathroom furniture (by Graystone Custom Builders, Inc)

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Unlike a lot of modern trends which focus on cooler tones and dark shades, gold is very warm and can brighten a room with its presence. Gold goes well with the typical whites and blacks of the bathroom, making the space an ideal place to use gold accents most charmingly. Each piece of gold hardware will stand out more against these neutral colors than the beige and browns of the living room, foyer, and bedrooms, where warm colors are already expected to be a staple of the room.

Adding copper and brass as complements to your gold accents can give a bathroom more visual depth than relying on a single material (Lisa & Leroy)

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But gold isn’t trending alone for this reason; copper and brass are also popular right now for their warm hues and metal sturdiness. Metallics are a contemporary way to show off your status, for those who have seen too much gold design that felt gaudy. All of these materials can be mixed and matched in a primarily white bathroom for stunning, layered effect. Layering multiple metals and finishes adds more visual interest to your bathroom, whereas in the past bathrooms were meant to be a matchy-matchy, single color visual identity throughout.

42″ Lauren Hall Chest Bathroom Vanity Set, 11.22.275542.66 by Cole and Co

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If you want to be really up-to-date with the cutting edge of interior designs, you can’t settle for just any type of gold. Darker shades of gold and brass are old style; you want a lighter, brighter shade and a matte finish to make it less shiny. The key to modern gold accents is subtlety, showing off without being in your face about it like gold decor of old. And don’t add too much gold too fast; this happened with the rose gold trend where it blossomed everywhere and just as sharply declined in popularity due to its abundance.

A golden touch to your bathroom doesn’t have to be considered antique to feel sophisticated (by Jane Kelly, Kitchen and Bath Designer)

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Gold is by nature a scarce metal, which automatically increases its value. That inherent luxury increases the value of not only your bathroom, but your entire home, should you choose to sell it in the future. No one wants to think about leaving behind a remodel while doing the project, but you can at least have the peace of mind that if you ever need to leave your bathroom behind, it’ll be a better room than where it started.

Whether you’re thinking of redecorating your bathroom for moving purposes, brightening it up, or just feeling like a change, gold accents are a time-tested and popular way to add some warmth and sophistication to your home.