Choosing The Right Style For Your Master Bathroom – And How The Right Bathroom Vanity Can Help

A lot of elements contribute to the style of your bathroom. The flooring, the tile, the lighting, the paint, and even the tub, shower, and toilet all play a part. But no matter what other materials you choose, your bathroom vanity will be the biggest contributing factor. Two otherwise identical bathrooms will look wildly different if all you change is the style of the vanity. So when you’re picking out a new bathroom vanity, be aware of the bigger-than-average impact it will have. Whatever choice you make will set the tone of the whole space.

Antique-Inspired Vanities For An Opulent Bathroom

Really ornate master bathrooms are something of a dying breed. They were once the gold standard for a luxurious bathroom. But with simpler looks on the rise, designers have been moving away from a lot of heavy ornamentation. That said, if you want to create a grand, classic feel for your master bathroom, look for an antique-inspired vanity. Specifically, you want to get as much lavish, highly detailed woodwork as you can. Even if you don’t have a lot of stone tile, gold hardware, or fine fabric and upholstery, a vanity with an antique design can help elevate your space and give it that decadent feel.

Traditional Bathroom Vanities For A Familiar, Sophisticated Feel

Providence 72" Double Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 238-105-V72-CWH from James Martin Furniture
Providence 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 238-105-V72-CWH from James Martin Furniture

More common are traditional bathroom vanities – a distinction that can get a little hand-wavey depending on who you ask. What I’m talking about are vanities that have a grand appearance, but less fine detail work. The more detail you lose, the more modern the vanity will feel. A good traditional vanity sits somewhere a little more sophisticated than a Shaker style vanity. Want a look that feels classic and luxurious but not too over the top (and won’t require you to clean a lot of fine woodwork)? This is the category you want to be looking in.

Transitional Bathroom Vanities For A Classy But Comfortable Space

The move away from ornate antique and traditional designs has created a large middle category. Transitional styles are neither traditional nor modern, but somewhere in between. Shaker-inspired styles epitomize this category: they’re rooted in historical designs, but are simple, streamlined, and slightly more modern in feel. Think simpler hardware and very basic detailing. You want to have enough “tradition” in the cabinet doors to keep a subtly formal feel. That said, the look should be simple and subtle enough to feel at home in a casual contemporary bathroom.

Sleek Modern Vanities For A Clean, Contemporary Bathroom

Tiburon 59" Double Bathroom Vanity in Champagne Tiger 868-V59D-CTG-G-MW from James Martin Furniture
Tiburon 59″ Double Bathroom Vanity in Champagne Tiger 868-V59D-CTG-G-MW from James Martin Furniture

Modern bathroom vanities are sleek, simple, streamlined, and square. While this isn’t always the case, they are the fundamentals of a more modern or contemporary aesthetic. Expect vanities with simple slab cabinet doors, very minimal hardware, and minimal ornamentation. The finish of the vanity itself, the hardware, or a decorative vessel sink should be the stars of the show. This simplicity is by design. Many modern vanities emphasize storage and functionality, but the look isn’t just utilitarian. It also creates a crisp, clean, uncluttered feel that’s an iconic part of a modern aesthetic.

An Eye-Catching Bathroom Vanity Designed To Make A Statement

If you want to build a specific niche look or theme, consider a distinctive or iconic bathroom vanity. Shuttered bathroom vanities, for example, make a great centerpiece in a Cape Cod-inspired seaside or nautical themed bathroom. Similarly, vanities with Asian-inspired designs are perfect for creating luxurious eastern-style spaces. Most bathroom blend in rather than stand out. But you can absolutely find stylish, showy vanities that will bring a little extra personality to your space.

Using Bathroom Vanity Styles To Dress Up (Or Dress Down) Your Bathroom

The style of your vanity can go a long way to help dictate the style of your bathroom. But that doesn’t mean the two necessarily have to match. Especially in the broad category of transitional design, there’s room to get creative with what “in-between” means for you. A very ornate vanity in an otherwise modern space can be stylish and striking; a very simple modern vanity can give a more traditional bathroom a relaxed, spa-like feel.

There are no hard-and-fast rules in bathroom design, especially when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity. But being conscious of their impact on your space can make them a powerful tool in getting the look you want.