Three Simple Ways To Accent Your Furniture With Area Rugs

Finding the perfect accent for any room is hard. You have to balance the space with furniture and colors without it coming off as too bland and unmemorable or too over-the-top and loud. But you can make the task easier by utilizing a subtle part of the room: the area rug. You can accent a room with area rugs and make a spectacle of it through the use of color, positioning, and patterning and texture.


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Chances are, you keep a neutral set of colors for your base furniture like couches, tables, and chairs. Instead of matching your area rug to one of these, consider finding a similar pattern and color to your throw pillows, decorative vases, or other accent pieces. This way, you can have prominently bright and fun colors in your area rug without going overboard or having to replace your favorite furniture to match the rug. However, if that is what you’d like to do, you can also have your pieces reupholstered with a new fabric in order to better fit the colors of your room.


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Where you place an area rug matters just as much as the kind of rug you choose. In the center of the room or the center of your furniture grouping is traditional, but those aren’t your only options. Growing up, we had a gorgeous rug that spanned the entire length of the dining table. A glass top would further accentuate this and allow you to see it during meals with minimal risk of it getting dirty.

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That said, you don’t want to place an area rug entirely underneath large furniture that you can’t see under, like a couch. Not only will it hide the accentuation you’re trying to achieve, it also runs the risk of damaging the rug itself. Heavy furniture, depending on how the weight is distributed, can bore permanent marks and flatten sections of your area rugs over time. This is unavoidable, but the real disadvantage comes if you decide to move it somewhere else at a later date and then have couch support marks embedded in the fabric.

Patterning and Texture

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Patterning and texture can go under the same category because the materials used to create an area rug can lead to naturally occurring patterns from the texture or differing dye lots that composed the fabric. Rugs can also be made of unique materials like denim, which give them a variety of feelings under your feet, which will draw the attention of both you and your guests to the floor. Patterned rugs are a great way to show off your hardwood floors or plush carpet without you having to say a word.

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The most important factor when getting an area rug to accent your room of choice is to make sure it’s one you like with or without the other furniture around. The point is to complement your existing furniture and decorative style, not change it all to match your new rug. Accenting with an area rug is about bringing balance and drawing out colors already present and making art out of your room.

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