Floral Themed Decor For When You Can’t Have a Garden

Having actual flowers isn’t for everyone. You may have terrible allergies to pollen, no land to garden, or–like me–absolutely lack a green thumb and destroy even the hardiest cactus. In the spring and summer when everything blooms and flourishes, it can be a real letdown if you can’t bring actual nature inside your home and keep it alive. Thanks to the inventiveness of humanity though, you can have the next best thing. Here are tips on how to bring floral decor to your home without the disadvantages of keeping a real garden.

Window View Floral Art, 34223 by Uttermost

Stick It To The Walls

Wall art is the easiest way to incorporate floral patterns and imagery into your home. Pick your favorite flower–whether it’s roses, tulips, daisies–and you can find at least a dozen paintings of it. This is very flexible with your decorating style, as flowers are covered as a subject material in every medium and painting method.

Dahlia Silver Mirror, 09217 by Uttermost

Paintings might be the first option to come to mind, but objects like mirrors, mosaic windows, and sculptures can also double as floral wall art. Flowers tend to have an elegant symmetry, making them easy to work into a variety of forms while staying recognizable. Abstractly floral-inspired art pieces can subtly work the theme of flowers into your style–and be even more versatile with it than paintings–without having to rely on floral prints for everything.

Printed Reversible Quilt Sets, 3CTNQLTG-GFL-KG by Amrapur

Keep It In The Bedroom

If you’re in need of a new bedspread and want to spring into floral decor, consider bringing flowers into your bedding. You can get matching or similar florals for your sheets and comforter, or match your flower of choice in one piece of bedding with a solid color in another. I find you can get the most range out of pastel colors, as they tend to print better on fabric than deeper hues. It’s a lot more obvious when your comforter starts to break down and the color fades on a vibrant rose color than on a paler pink.

Cast Iron Gothic Revival Flower Box, SP925 by Toscano

Box It Up

Flower boxes are a great way to bypass not having the yard space for a garden. They’re all a flower needs, wrapped up in a small container that you can place where it’s most convenient for you: inside. But don’t be fooled; you don’t have to keep flowers in a flower box. It can be used as a shelf for whatever your needs while keeping a garden flair. Stack a few books as display or turn it into a wall organizer for pens and planners with a flower-themed wall calendar pinned next to it.

La Costa Greenery Set of 3 Succulents, 60115 by Uttermost

Fake It Till You Make It

Fake plants are a quick fix if you are struggling to keep a garden indoors. Not everyone has time in their schedule or the attentiveness to care for a flower’s surprisingly complex needs. If you water it too little, it dies. If you water it too much, it dies. Instead, you could have a flower that doesn’t need to be watered at all and ditch all the gardening guesswork. Sure, fake plants don’t have a pleasant flowery aroma (or any aroma at all), but if you use the extra room in their pots for potpourri you can get pretty close. When you start to look around, there are all kinds of ways to incorporate florals into your home without having to endure the major drawback of spring and summer pollen.