Hot New Trend: Signature Kitchen Sinks To Make Your Space Shine

Kitchen sinks are the real workhorses of every kitchen, and are often chosen for functionality rather than style. After all, you want the fixture you use day in and day out to be convenient to use, easy to clean, and durable. But beauty and utility don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and in fact sinks that combine the two are one of the hottest kitchen trends right now. Kitchen sinks do all the hard work, and they’re starting to get the recognition they deserve – as the decorative centerpiece of many new designer kitchens.

Using Your Kitchen Sink As A Statement Piece

Shaws Fireclay Single Basin Apron Sink RC3018 from Rohl
Shaws Fireclay Single Basin Apron Sink RC3018 from Rohl

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Standard kitchen sinks aren’t really made to be looked at. In fact, many basic models are hardly noticeable at a glance from across the kitchen. But that’s exactly why bigger, bolder, showier kitchen sinks make wonderful statement pieces. Not only are they nicer up close, but they’re visible from anywhere in your kitchen or greatroom – plus, they stand out more for the mere fact that most sinks don’t. So what kind of sinks should you look for if you want to make a statement?

An Apron Sink For Every Style Kitchen

Luberon Art Nouveau Fireclay Farmhouse Sink 4614 from Herbeau
Luberon Art Nouveau Fireclay Farmhouse Sink 4614 from Herbeau

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If you want attention-grabbing, apron sinks are really your best option. Unlike drop-in or undermount sinks, apron sinks have a visible front face that sits atop your cabinets and shows around your counter tops. The most common type of apron sinks are made of white porcelain or fireclay and are often called farmhouse sinks because they’re a traditional feature of classic farmhouse design. That said, these are also a great combination of form and function, with a hefty, durable interior, lots of basin space, and often beautiful, decorative fronts that lend plenty of beauty and style to your space.

Modern Steel Apron Sinks

Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front 16 Gauge 36" Kitchen Sink Single Bowl
Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front 16 Gauge 36″ Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

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White porcelain and fireclay apron sinks work for a wide range of traditional, transitional, and cottage style kitchens, but if you want something with a more contemporary feel, don’t worry – you can also find apron sinks made out of a classic stainless steel. Unlike many utilitarian steel sinks with small basins and a clunky drop-in style, these have beautiful brushed aprons, a highly durable construction, and plenty of interior space, allowing you to get all the benefits of a hard working industrial sink, but with a sleek, elegant style you won’t find in any commercial kitchen.

Decorative Copper Apron Sinks

Hampton Farmhouse Sink SC-HD64-40 from Sierra Copper
Hampton Farmhouse Sink SC-HD64-40 from Sierra Copper

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Copper apron sinks are often the domain of very traditional kitchens – the kind with lots of woodwork and really luxurious linens. But while the most ornate sinks can be a little overwrought for your average kitchen, they really can’t be beat as a signature focal point, no matter what your kitchen’s style. Copper sinks are fairly uncommon on their own, and ones with apron fronts are invariably beautifully decorated, either with intricate detailing or at the very least a hand-hammered finish that will absolutely draw the eye. On the down side, copper can be a little fussy to care for, but if you’re up for the extra maintenance, a copper apron sink can really take your kitchen’s style to the next level.

Kitchen Sinks That Look Great (But Keep A Lower Profile)

Roma 32" Single Bowl Kitchen Sink RVH8300 from Ruvati
Roma 32″ Single Bowl Kitchen Sink RVH8300 from Ruvati

If you like the idea of having a statement sink but don’t love the look of apron sinks in particular, you might want to look at something a little more streamlined. Undermount sinks might not seem glamorous at a glance (after all, they’re almost invisible by design), but if you want a sleek, seamless modern kitchen, undermount kitchen sinks are the best way to get one. Because they mount to the underside of the counter rather than sitting on top of it (like a drop-in sink), they let you keep the line of the countertop uninterrupted. This seamless design also makes them a little easier to clean, and makes it possible to outfit them with a variety of accessories that add both style and functionality to your setup.

Considerations Before Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

Cuisine Fireclay Farmhouse Sink From Herbeau
If you don’t want to replace your cabinets, you can cover the support structure beneath your apron sink with a cloth “apron” – which the sinks are named for

Unfortunately, replacing a kitchen sink isn’t always a standalone project. While it’s possible to match a new sink to your existing counter and cabinets, the ones that are the most flexible to install – drop-in sinks – are also generally the least attractive (and currently out of vogue). Undermount sinks need to be matched very closely to the opening in your counter in order to be mounted and used properly, and apron sinks sit on a different type of cabinet, which means you may need to replace the area around your sink in its entirety.

Upgrading your kitchen sink may not be a small project, but it’s one you’ll definitely get a lot of mileage out of. Not only can a new sink totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen, but a good one will make the time you spend in the kitchen doing dishes and prepping food a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, too.

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