New Year, New Bathroom Vanity Ideas for 2018

As we turn our calendars over, it’s time for a fresh start for 2018 for both you and your living quarters. Replacing heavy furniture and hardware can take time and construction, but it’ll improve your day-to-day life if you think ahead and make sure you’re making optimal replacements. A great area to start is in the bathroom, as you use it several times a day. Take a long look at your current bathroom vanity and consider if it’s really doing your 2018 justice.

Mahogany Traditional Bathroom Vanity, FCB20-123612MH-CWH-U by Fresca

Why a New Bathroom Vanity?

It’s a new year and therefore a new you, and time to reassess whether certain things in your house just need to go. I’m focusing on the bathroom vanity because a lot can happen to it in the course of a year, from a cracked counter top, water damage from the sink pipes, and stains from just about everything marring the cabinets. You usually think of “spring cleaning” as something you do with the easy-to-see things, like changing your sheets and removing extra boxes from your living room. But bathroom vanities tend to get grimy and warped from being used too long, especially if you weren’t the first homeowner to have it.

Single Bathroom Vanity in Gray, HE-104OL-24-G-CTSF by Alya

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Now that you’ve decided that your old vanity has got to go, take a look around your bathroom. What are its dimensions? Knowing what size you’re looking for can help whittle down your options to something more manageable. Then ask yourself, “What do I use my bathroom vanity for?” Go through your cabinet and counter top storage. If there’s anything you don’t need in this storage area, considering getting rid of it or putting it somewhere more relevant. How many of your relevant things (eg. toothbrush, soap, hairbrush) are easy to reach every day? What tends to linger on the counter? These questions can help guide you with what about your next vanity you need and what you can do without.

Cinnamon Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, 555-V60S-CIN by James Martin
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There’s nothing worse in the morning when on a tight schedule than to have to dig through your single cabinet past the toilet paper and cleaning products to find a buried hair dryer. If you have more storage in your bathroom vanity, and it’s also sectioned, you can have everything organized and easy to grab every day. What’s more, if you keep an organized vanity cabinet, you’ll be more likely to put appliances and bathroom doodads away after using them, freeing up your counter space and making the bathroom feel cleaner and less cluttered.

In a small space, small and simple vanities are easier to access and use regularly. (By Fred Wylds Design)

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Another option you have is to go up or down a size vanity depending on the size and shape of your bathroom itself. It’s easy to buy a vanity that matches the size of your current one, but does it really need to be that size, or is it in some way inconvenient to what you regularly use your vanity for? If you have little room to work with, it’ll be easier for you to get around in your bathroom with a smaller vanity. And if you have the extra space, a larger vanity will provide you with more usable bathroom area that you weren’t getting before with just floor space.

Palm Beach Vanity Set in Blue, MOD884BL-47 by Modetti

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Is your vanity completely functional and fine, but just ugly? Replacing it to get a better look for your bathroom might sound vain, but can incredibly effective on your morning attitude if you don’t hate the counter you’re brushing your teeth over. I know, I know, it may be a perfectly good vanity you’re replacing, but if it’s a drain on your attitude it’s worth considering a change for the sake of your long-term happiness. It may not seem like much at the time, or it may seem overwhelming, but replacing your bathroom vanity for one that better fits your lifestyle is a step in the right direction for a better 2018 day-to-day for you, even if it’s only when you need to use your bathroom.

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