Hot New Trend For 2018: Bathroom Vanities With Built-In Makeup Tables

This time of year, many designers and furniture manufacturers are rolling out their new spring collections. That means it’s also the time of year that the biggest up-and-coming trends start to solidify themselves. Right now you can get a good sense of what’s going to be popular – and what you should consider including in any remodels or renovations you might have in the works. This year, one of the big stand-out trends in bathroom design is elegant in its simplicity: making large bathrooms (and big bathroom vanities in particular) a little bit more usable by including makeup tables.

Why Add A Makeup Table?

Now, technically this trend isn’t a “new” one. Built-in makeup tables, bridges, and old fashioned dressing tables have been around for ages. But rather than a clever idea you need a custom cabinetmaker to execute, in 2018 this is becoming a setup that’s commonly available in pre-made vanities from well-known manufacturers. If you’re looking to furnish a large master bathroom but don’t relish the idea of having a full suite of cabinetry built for the purpose, bathroom vanities with built in makeup tables are a perfect custom-looking option that will cost you a fraction of the price.

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What Exactly Is A “Makeup Table”?

In most cases a “makeup table” is little more than a bridge connecting two cabinets. They’re typically built with the same material and counter top as the vanities, but installed at a slightly lower height. For multi-piece setups, this makes them easy to transport and assemble. Across the board, the lower height also allows you to sit comfortably in front of them in a regular chair. Sometimes these bridges have a built in drawer for added storage. They can be in a couple places: beneath the counter, up against the backsplash, or to one side of the sitting area. Either way, this allows you to store small toiletries close by and keeping them organized and easily accessible.

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Makeup Tables Make For A Leaner Bathroom Vanity

In a large master bathroom, it can be easy to overload on the cabinetry. If you have a lot of space, you might opt for a bigger bathroom vanity to fill it. But a huge vanity will often have more storage than you actually need. Makeup tables transform surplus cabinet space into something functional: a nice separate place to sit, ample counter space, and storage space for small items rather than large ones. Ditching a big cabinet or two won’t hurt in a larger bathroom. But gaining that little bit of extra surface and sitting area can make your vanity a whole lot more usable.

Flexible Design To Fit Any Size Bathroom

Another great perk of large vanities with this “bridge” style design is that they’re incredibly flexible. While the makeup tables themselves typically stay about the same size from one model to the next, the size and style of the vanities on either side can vary quite a bit. Often, modular sets sold together include two matching bathroom vanities. More rarely you can find manufacturers that offer mix-and-match sets, giving you a little more room to customize your setup. If you want a specific size, shape, or style – especially large or asymmetrical designs – mix-and-match is the way to go.

A Simple Way To Stop Fighting Over Space

Many master bathrooms have large double vanities, or even two separate vanities; one for each partner, to save couples from stepping on each other’s toes first thing in the morning. But if you and your significant other still find yourselves vying for counter space, installing a vanity with a built in makeup table can actually help keep the peace. Having space to spread out and use your toiletries – whether it’s a shaving kit, an elaborate set of moisturizers, or just an over-full makeup bag – can help save your morning routine from overflowing onto your partner’s vanity (sometimes literally, since most makeup tables are walled in by the surrounding vanities!).

A Smart Solution For Any Size Bathroom

Castilian 60" ADA Bathroom Vanity in Aged Cognac 161- V60S-ACG from James Martin Furniture
Update: Since the original posting, the manufacturer has discontinued the above Castilian 60″ ADA Bathroom Vanity. If you’d also like to see them bring it back, you can contact them here.

All that said, this particular trend isn’t 100% about big master bathrooms or even double vanities. The vast majority of makeup tables bridge two full-sized vanities, sure. But this year we’re starting to see smaller single vanities that serve as single-piece makeup tables all on their own. These abandon the traditional under-sink cabinet to make room for a seat and offset any storage to either side. These are a little less convenient as makeup tables. The sink right smack dab in the middle of the “table” isn’t the best for storage. But these types of vanities are often ADA approved for accessibility. If you need to be able to sit in front of your sink, this is one of the few non-custom ways to do it comfortably.

If you’ve found yourself hurting for surface space or just wanting a slightly leaner-looking, more decorative bathroom vanity, 2018 might be the time to upgrade!

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