Things to Look for When Picking a Vanity for a Small Bathroom

Do you suffer from Small Bathroom Syndrome? Do you want a bathroom vanity that matches your home’s decor, but fits in a space as small as 30″? It may feel hopeless at first, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style to have a bathroom you can fit into. Maximize your space with the most adorable tiny vanities HomeThangs has to offer to fit your bathroom theme and personal storage needs.

Under Cabinet Storage

Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet in Dove Gray, 800-V26-DVG by James Martin

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Small vanities can have under cabinet open storage for bulkier items that won’t fit inside the vanity itself. If you don’t want that to be visible, you can find one with a decorative basket to place underneath to keep knickknacks, or smaller legs to discourage placing items underneath it completely. I would recommend a wooden basket if the bathroom doesn’t have a tub or shower, as they are easy to find in any size and look very cute, or a small plastic bin if the bathroom does, which is less pretty but also less likely to mold from runoff water.

Open Shelves

Single Bathroom Vanity In White And Polished Chrome, 361-V19-CHR by James Martin

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If you prefer a more open style of vanity, there are options for that too. No fighting with drawers, no bulky storage, just grab what you need as soon as you see it. Open shelf storage is also nice for towel storage, as rolled up towels tend to be ever so slightly longer than vanities, making ones with doors impossible to keep closed. As a downside, an open kind of vanity is a lot easier to knock over items on than its full-bodied counterparts, so be careful if you intend to have breakables on its surface regularly.

Smaller (Or Smarter) Bathroom Mirrors

24″ Single Bathroom Vanity, 207-MC-V24-EG
by James Martin

Have trouble finding a mirror that will fit alongside your new vanity? Some listings offer the decorative mirror used in the photos taken for sale either in a drop-down menu, or can be found in the mirror section. If you’re buying a vanity that doesn’t have an attached mirror, consider what kind of mirror best fits the space. If you need more storage than the vanity provides, your next step on maximizing your bathroom space may be foregoing a decorative mirror at all and instead installing a medicine cabinet.

Wall Mount Your Bathroom Vanity

Single Bathroom Vanity In American Walnut, 850-V24-AWT by James Martin

An option you have if you aren’t planning on moving any time soon is to bolt your vanity to the wall, freeing your floor space for easy vacuuming and storage. If you live in an area that has earthquakes or other disasters that might knock your furniture over, securing your vanity to the wall will increase the safety of your bathroom and limit the amount of damage it can do to other furnishings (e.g. falling on and breaking the toilet). Wall mounting a bathroom vanity is also a good option if anyone that uses your bathroom is particularly tall or short, since you’ll be able to get the counter at just the right height for your needs.

Glass Fronted Cabinets

30″ Transitional Bathroom Vanity W/Glass Doors, 148-V30G-SG-SW by James Martin

Glass doors on a vanity has a similar benefit to open style ones, which is that you can see what’s inside and easily find what you’re looking for immediately, but without the drawback of it being potentially easy to knock over with a hip bump. If you have a lot of bathroom traffic during the day (or just need to baby-proof a tiny bathroom), solid vanity doors are recommended.

Choosing a vanity that’s the right size for your small bathroom is important to keep from crowding the space, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing storage – you just have to find a small vanity with the right features!

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