Get The Look: Big Style In A Small Bathroom (And A Little Optical Illusion)

Working with a slightly-too-small space is one of the biggest challenges of interior design, and in a room that sees heavy daily use like a bathroom, it can be tempting to abandon aesthetics in favor of functionality. But a small bathroom that works well can also be one that looks good: you just have to be a little smarter about your design choices. The style of this bathroom by Darci Hether comes largely from its simplicity, but each element is deliberately chosen both to save space and to give the bathroom a unified aesthetic.

The best things for a small bathroom’s style and storage are the same: scaled down fixtures mounted to the wall (by Darci Hether New York)

How It Works:

The most important element of this bathroom is perhaps the easiest to overlook: the gray tile backdrop. The uniform, even gray tile may not seem particularly inspired by itself, but it’s just the right shade to make absolutely every bit of white in the bathroom stand out sharply by contrast. The white grout creates a regular, even “grid” around the whole room, which gives everything else – from the toilet to the towels – a very distinctive shape. This is only enhanced by the fact that all of the fixtures are wall mounted; this is a fairly standard space-saving technique, but with the “grid” on the wall, it makes everything feel extra shapely, too – even the toilet paper and soap pump. The space is admittedly a little light on storage, but the vanity makes the absolute most of the space available, with a deep drawer that keeps all your toiletries much more easily accessible than a standard cabinet and makes it easy to keep what little counter space there is clean and uncluttered – which is one of the most important steps in building an attractive small bathroom! Replacing a traditional shower door or shower curtain with a narrow, frameless shower screen also keeps the shower/tub from feeling closed off, making the bathroom feel just that little bit bigger.

Get The Look:

First, start with rectangular gray tile on the walls, shower, and tub surround – lighter grout is better. Then start wall mounting: your toilet, your vanity, and your towel bars. A frameless mirror and sconces (or a backlit mirror!) will ensure a well lit reflection. Since they’ll be visible through the shower screen, opt for an attractive shower head and tub filler. The flooring is the one choice in this bathroom that’s a little odd: a large-format, seamless tile seems like a better fit for the futuristic aesthetic, but the marble mosaic does add just a hint of a more traditional feel.

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