Five Stylish In House Bars For Entertaining Guests At Home

Having your own fully equipped bar in your home is the ideal drinking situation. You can have all the drinks you like; the bartender is very welcoming and attractive (it’s you!); and it’s the shortest and safest drunk commute afterwards to your bed. If you’ve ever considered hosting a big party (or even just a few friends!), here are some house bar choices to consider adding to your living space.

Your Very Own Pine Saloon

Pine is a rugged staple of a hard-won life. It has a good, outdoorsy smell and a chiseled feel to it. I would say that if you aren’t seeking a particular theme or “look” with your house bar, pine is a safe bet. It’s casual enough to make your bar feel right a home, and this one can hold quite a stock of alcohol as well. It’s the traditional and safe choice if you are considering having a bar in your home for the first time, without all the trouble of trying to build one yourself.

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A House Bar For A Small Space

Need a classy house bar that doesn’t take up too much space but can hold a large collection? Look for a bar-height freestanding cabinet. The more storage space on the reverse side, the better. Minimize the bar’s impact by choosing one with clear or mirrored elements. But keep in mind that a small bar is best for entertaining a small gathering of guests; you’ll have plenty of storage for your collection, but not a lot of counter space to serve it on. If a too-small bar feels like a poor compromise, a bar cart might serve you better in a small space.

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Professional Quality House Bar

But what if you need a bar that’s both classy and able to handle a lot of guests at once? This elegant bar is grand enough to double as a working bar in both commercial and residential settings. It made with mahogany wood to give it a rich, red shade and accented with gold leaf. A house bar like this is for the largest of parties you plan to hold, assuming you have the space to keep all the people in the room as well! If you want two or more people behind the bar, or just have a large stock of drinks available, this is the choice for you.

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Entertaining Outside

If you don’t have space inside your house, why not take the bar outside? This outdoor bar brings out the potential to have a lot more guests than you could in your home with the addition of outside space. Add a grill nearby and this is a great setup for a neighborhood barbecue. Like the pine bar, this is a casual bar that is meant to be used whenever the weather is nice and not necessarily only during parties. This is the most weather-proofed bar of the selection, though I wouldn’t recommend leaving your bar stock or glassware outside overnight. The cushions can be taken off during storms to avoid water damage and to also keep them from flying away.

Posh Yet Practial

Who said house bars can’t be chic? With both pristine color and style, this is definitely not your father’s bar. This is a good bar for a studio layout or a modern furniture set. The unique tufted front end is sure to dazzle your guests and feel nice when sitting up against it after a couple drinks. I’d recommend using this bar for a small group of friends, with no kids or pets around to stain the bar surface (and no red wine, trust me). If you are a regular party host, consider something less likely to show scuffing or stains.

No matter what, choose the bar you most want to sit at; you’re the one who needs to be the most comfortable sitting at it.

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